49 DIY Garden Lighting Ideas That Everyone Can Make

In this article, we will teach you how to create wonderful garden lighting ideas that vary from candles, LEDs, lanterns, chandeliers, wall lights, pendants, and more that will match and fit your landscape design.

Are you the kind of person who likes DIY? Do you consider yourself someone who doesn’t like to own products that are easy to find, and can be seen anywhere? Well, you are not alone!

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a product when you can create something similar or use references from the products you are interested in, and make it unique?

Follow this guide, and let’s create wonderful designs together!

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7 Candle Light Ideas For The Garden

In this section, you will find 7 amazing ideas for garden candle lights. Create your own, use your creativity and mix and match with your landscape.

1. Stained Mason Jar

DIY Colorful lanterns made of glass jars, colorful tissue paper, and candles
Credit: Pinterest

This beautiful and artsy Stained Mason Jar must be your next Candle Light! Easy to make and will fit like a glove on a backyard ambiance with elements such as a deck, cozy sofas, a tent, and tree branches.

Get your friends together and have a candlelit dinner party!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 You can use a mason jar or any glass jar that you have or like best

Step 2 Choose the pattern that you like: geometric, mix and match, or abstract. Your choice!

Step 3 Use tissue paper to achieve the stained look

Step 4 Use candles to illuminate and create amazing patterns with the light.

2. Whisk Lantern

DIY hanging whisk lantern with tealight candles
Credit: Pinterest

Having an outdoor dinner party?

This beautiful candle lantern will brighten up your space! Easy to make, cheap, and it will create an incredible fairy light atmosphere. Match with a tent with transparent curtains, and a colorful tablecloth. 

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Choose the color of your whisk. The one that matches best your ambiance. Gold, Silver, Black, or even bright colors: it is up to you!

Step 2Choose a ribbon, and place it on the top of the whisk.

Step 3A transparent thread can be used to hang the lamp.

Step 4Place your candle in the middle of the whisk, and you are done!

3. Cork Candle Light

DIY cork candlelight in a glass jar
Credit: Pinterest

Going for a more rustic style? This wine cork candlelight holder will fit perfectly in your ambiance! 

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1For this project, you will need a big glass vase or mason jar.

Step 2 Fill the vase with wine corks 

Step 3Place your candle on top and voila! You’ll have a beautiful garden lamp.

4. Coffee Beans Candlelight

DIY Coffee Beans Candlelight
Credit: decoist.com

Are you a coffee enthusiast? If so, this is the perfect lamp for you!

Choose an amazing-smelling candle, a glass bowl, or your favorite coffee beans, and match it with a cozy tablecloth.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Place your coffee beans inside a deep bowl

Step 2Decorate the outside of the jars according to your taste

Step 3Place your candle amid the coffee beans.

Easy and amazing!

5. Floating Candle Holder

DIY Colorful Floating Candle Holder in a glass vase
Credit: Pinterest

Want to give a special effect to an outside event? This floating candle holder is the perfect way to do so! 

Adding different elements for different special occasions is the key. Rose petals for a romantic getaway, or red and white Christmas balls for end-of-the-year festivities. 

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Fill your glass with water

Step 2Add your chosen decoration

Step 3Add the floating candles.


6. Painted Cans Lights

DIY colorful painted cans garden lights
Credit: Pinterest

A big fan of Rustic and charming decorations? In that case, we have the perfect lamp for your garden!

Easy to make, and it will give an amazing style to your ambiance. Match it with the outdoors, and put it near a firepit, for a more intimate afternoon.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Separate the cans you are going to need.

Step 2Make holes in the cans using nails and a hammer

Step 3Paint or spray the cans with the colors you prefer

Step 4Place your candle inside.

As easy as it comes! And you will have an amazing shadow pattern on the surfaces around the candle.

7. Birdbath with floating candles

DIY garden Birdbath with floating candles
Credit: Pinterest

A beautiful and elegant way to present your outdoor candles. And you can DIY this very easily.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Fill your birdbath with water

Step 2Add your floating candles.

Step 3 -Lit candles and enjoy 🙂

Could it be any easier??

7 LED String Ideas For The Garden

LED lamps are some of the most sold ones in the market right now. Why? They last a very long time, and they are environmentally friendly.

Here are 7 ideas to create amazing items knowing you are helping the environment.

8. Firefly Mason Jars

DIY Firefly hanging Mason Jars
Credit: Pinterest

These amazing, stylish, and easy-to-DIY mason jars will create a great environment on your backyard or balcony. They give a cozy feeling to any space.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Place your fairy lights inside the mason jar

Step 2Turn your fairy lights on

Step 3Close the lid

Step 4Make a knot on the jar using the string

Step 5Hang your mason jar on your place of choice and have fun!

Optional: buy ready-made Hanging Mason Jar Solar Lights

9. Fall Leaves String Lights

DIY Fall Leaves String Garden Lights
Credit: Pinterest

Colorful leaves are falling from trees outside, and you want to take advantage of the amazing ambiance? This will be the perfect lighting for you!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Add every leaf between two sheets of wax paper and iron afterward until the leaves are coated enough.

Step 2Once the leaves are prepared, use the glue to attach the leaves in front of the string lights.

Step 3Hang your lights, turn them on and enjoy!

10. Bottled String Lights

DIY Bottled String Lights
Credit: Pinterest

Have some leftover bottles from last night? Let’s clean them up and give some use to them!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Take off the cork and add the fairy lights inside the bottle or use LED Cork Lights

Step 2Turn on the fairy lights, and close the bottle.

Step 3Make a knot with wire on the top of the bottle

Step 4Hang on your backyard and match it with a unique rustic ambiance!

11. Rustic String Lights

DIY Garden Rustic String Lights on poles in cement vases
Credit: Pinterest

Oh, Christmas! What a wonderful time! Snow, friends, family, and a lot of presents, decorations, and food. This next ambiance will look amazing with a Christmas look. 

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Measure the size of the table on which you want to place the lights over the top. You will need to use higher branches.

Step 2Place your branches inside a cement vase/bucket, and fill it with cement. Wait for it to dry.

Step 3After it dried, place your fairy lights from one branch to the other.


12. Flameless Firepit With String Lights

DIY Garden Flameless Firepit With String Lights, twigs and stones
Credit: Pinterest

Do you want the cozy ambiance that only a firepit can create, but without actual fire? This comfy flameless firepit idea is the best way to achieve it!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Place your rocks in a circle, you can choose the diameter you prefer, it all depends on how big you want it to be.

Step 2Place the string lights in the center of the circle.

Step 3Place your branches around them, making sure they all combine with one another on top.

Now, bring chairs, pillows, marshmallows, and wine, it’s time for a cozy party!

13. Hula Hoop String Lights

DIY Hula Hoop String Lights with green decoration
Credit: Pinterest

An original idea, easy to bring to life for a fashion and trendy chandelier.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Cover your hula hoop with paper that can get wet.

Step 2Pass your vegetation around the hula hoop, making sure you keep them together with a wire.

Step 3Pass your string lights around

Step 4Place the wire on the edges and hang.

It will go perfectly with a modern and minimal style!

14. Seashell String Lights

DIY Garden Seashell String Lights
Credit: Pinterest

Going for a beach theme? Nothing better than seashell string lights to mix and match with your ambiance. Light colors, sand, and blue tones will match perfectly.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Glue your seashells facing each other with the led bulb in the middle

Step 2Apply to your ambiance and turn on the lights!

Beautiful and elegant!

7 Lantern Ideas For The Garden

Want to create a cozier atmosphere in your yard? Lanterns are ideal for that. They can create an amazing mood and match perfectly a rustic ambiance.

Check out these seven ideas.

15. Paper Bag Lantern

DIY Paper Bag Lantern with battery-powered tealights
Source: Pinterest

Creating a fun outdoor ambiance? This next lamp will match your space and bring the light needed for a night out on the patio.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Take your paper bags and create the pattern you wish to have on the lantern. Use your creativity!

Step 2Add a small battery-powered candle inside.

16. Glow Stick Lantern

DIY Glow Stick Glass Mason Jar Lantern
Credit: Pinterest

In a party mood? No worries, we have the perfect light for your outdoor party!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Crack your glow stick and add 2 in each mason jar

Step 2Fill the jar with water and close the lid.

It lasts up to five days!

17. Frosted Garden Lantern

DIY Frosted Garden Lantern mason jar, sand and candle
Credit: Pinterest

This lamp will bring elegance and charm into your garden. Add some of them outdoors and have a blast enjoying this great source of light.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Spray your mason jar with frosted glass spray

Step 2Add sand inside the jar

Step 3Place the wire around the top of the mason jar and fix it in a way that can be hung.

Step 4Fix your candle inside, and light it up!

18. Cheese Grater Lantern

DIY Cheese Grater Lantern with candles
Credit: Pinterest

Amazing and definitely different! This is proof that you can create something with absolutely everything!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Place the candle inside the cheese grater 

Step 2If you want to hang it you can use a thread

Step 3Enjoy!

Well, and if you run out of your DIY mojo, you can always buy an already-made Cheese Grater Lamp by Park Designs

19. Clothes Pegs Lantern

DIY Clothes Pegs Lantern using glasses and candles
Credit: Pinterest

You probably have more than a few of those at home! You are probably not using them all, so let’s create something!

The wood of the clothes pegs and the light of the candle create a very cozy ambiance.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Open the clothes pegs and put them around the glass

Step 2Place the smaller glass inside the bigger glass

Step 3 Place your candle inside the smaller glass and light it up!

20. Halloween Lantern

DIY Halloween Lantern using mason jars and stickers
Credit: Pinterest

The spookiest time of the year! Create some DIY lanterns and make your outdoors as scary as ever!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Spray paint the outside of your jars. Wait for it to dry.

Step 2After dried, glue your vinyl Halloween stickers

Step 3 Place your candle or your fairy lights inside.

Spooky enough??

21. Mason Jars Hang Lanterns

DIY Mason Jars Hang Lanterns with dry beans, pebbles, or coffee beans and candles
Credit: Pinterest

Mason Jars are the trend of the moment, and there are so many different ways to use them with candles and fairy lights.

This next one is elegant, modern, and simply fabulous!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Open your mason jar and add some beans to the bottom. Instead of beams, you can use white pebbles, and coffee beans: it is up to you!

Step 2Place your candle inside and light it up.

Step 3 Make a hole in the top

Step 4 Close your jars and hang on nails on your fence.

7 Landscape Ideas For The Garden

Thinking about re-doing your landscape?

Remember, lighting design is a big part of the WOW factor that you probably want to create. DIY your lamps and create a totally different atmosphere from everything seen before.

22. Glowing Walkaway

DIY Glowing walkaway
Credit: Pinterest

Besides having wonderful lamps, landscape design also is a great deal in gardens, backyards, or balconies.

This glowing walkaway will create a modern and elegant style for your ambiance.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Using the glow-in-the-dark paint, paint your slates/pebbles to make them glow at night. It is a fairly easy process. Every painting has its own techniques. Make sure to follow them properly!

Step 2 – Arrange your slates/pebbles and enjoy your view.

23. Branch Light

DIY Garden Branch Pendant Light with LED fairy lights
Credit: Pinterest

For this project, creativity is the key, or better yet, personal taste is everything! Find a pendant light that you like in a second-hand shop and get your hands dirty!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Dig an 18-inch hole in the garden and sink the branch’s end into it. 

Step 2Fill the hole with soil and pebbles. Water it afterward to make sure there are no gaps, and that the structure is secure!

Step 3Choose your pendant light and the light bulb of your choice. I recommend fairy lights to give your space a magical touch.

24. Wine Bottle Torch Lamp

DIY garden Wine Bottle Torch Lamps
Credit: Pinterest

Another great use of wine bottles is a torch lamp! It will look stunning in your backyard or patio.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Remove the wine labels, and wash the bottles

Step 2Wrap tape around the coupling (you can find it in a hardware store)

Step 3Insert the wick into a coupling

Step 4Add around 4 inches of glass beads to the bottle

Step 5Using a funnel, add fuel inside the bottle, don’t overfill!

Step 6Insert the wick on the top and press to make a tight seal at the top.


Amazing, right??

25. Glass Globes

DIY Glass Globes garden light
Credit: Pinterest

This particular project looks very fancy and expensive. It is easy to make, and it will complete the landscape of your yard.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1Place your glass globes in your yard, and fill them with fairy lights.

Impossible to make it easier, right?? 

For a more charming look, add them close to plants and trees, the shade is going to look amazing.

Well, and if you run out of your DIY mojo, you can always buy an already-made Multicolor Cracked Glass Garden Solar Lights by Gactivity

26. Colorful Jars

DIY Colorful Jars garden lights
Credit: Pinterest

Create a walkway with colorful jars and candles! They look amazing and will be the wow factor your yard needs.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Simply place the candles inside the colorful jars, and check the amazing effect the color will give to the environment.

Well, and if you run out of your DIY mojo, you can always buy an already-made Mason Jar Lights with LED Solar Multi-Colored Fairy String Lights

27. Outdoor Light Poles

DIY Garden Outdoor string Lights on Poles
Credit: Pinterest

Want lights all around your seating area? We have the perfect idea for you!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Dig in your yard and make holes in the diameter of your poles

Step 2 Fit your poles on the holes, and make sure they fit perfectly if not, fill them with dirt and pebbles.

Step 3 Pass your lights strings or fairy lights around the poles and enjoy!

You will create a very cozy area with a couch or with a table.


28. Log Outdoor Lights

DIY garden Log Outdoor Lights
Credit: Pinterest

This amazing idea will bring light into your yard and a rustic touch!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

The easiest way to make it is to carve a hole in the bottom of the log and add your light inside!


Alternatively, you can check out these lovely Stump On Fire Solar Lights by TONULAX to add to your garden or patio’s unique decoration.

TONULAX Solar Lights Outdoor,Stump On Fire Torch Lights,Flickering Flame Lantern Lights,Solar Powered Landscape Decoration Lighting for Garden Patio Pathway Deck Yard Decor
TONULAX “Stump On Fire” Solar Lights

7 Wall Light Ideas For The Garden

Sconces help illuminate your yard and bring the design vertically, instead of only horizontally.

Interested? Check these ideas out.

29. Rustic Wall Sconce

DIY Rustic Wall Sconce with candles
Credit: Pinterest

This amazing rustic look can be used indoors and outdoors, for a front-of-the-house look, or for backyard illumination.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Cut your wood planks to the size that you wish, usually bigger than the mason jar, to give a nice look.

Step 2Make a hole in the wall, and fit your wood plank with a hook.

Step 3Add a candle or battery-powered LED candle into the jar and secure the lid.

Step 4 – Hang your mason jar!

Find more ready hang: Wall Hanging Candle Sconces

30. Light Bulb Look

DIY Light Bulb Look
Credit: Pinterest

This minimal look can be achieved very easily, the DIY takes probably 10 minutes, and the look will last forever!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Fix your hook into the wall, and hang your light bulb!

31. Lids Light

DIY Lids Light plan fixed to the wall
Credit: Pinterest

Creative, and it gives an organized look! Leave it with the wood rustic color or paint it a color that matches your ambiance.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Fix your wood plank on the wall with screws

Step 2 Using screws fix the lids at different heights 

Step 3 Place your candles on top of the lids and light them up.

32. Ladder Style Light

DIY Ladder Style Light with green hanging pods
Credit: Pinterest

Another amazing trend is placing lights on a ladder, it looks amazing for an indoor or outdoor look.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Place your ladder near a wall, at an angle in which the ladder won’t fall.

Step 2Place your fairy light around the ladder and light them up.

Decorate your ladder to please your eyes.

33. Bottles And Jars Fence Light

DIY Bottles And Jars Fence Garden Light
Credit: Pinterest

Have a fence that needs an upgrade? Perfect idea!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 For a bottle look, better if the bottle doesn’t have a bottom. So, you can fit the candle holder properly. For the jar look, fit the candle inside and hang it on the hook!

34. Faucet Look Light

DIY Faucet Look Light
Credit: Pinterest

For this look, a little knowledge of electricity is necessary. You need to pass the cables through the faucet and connect them to power. Not so easy, but worth it!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Pass the cables through the faucet.

Step 2 Fix your faucet to the wall. 

Step 3 Connect your light bulb.

For this look, make sure you know what you are doing, it is a bit complicated!

35. Wooden Mosaic Light

DIY Wooden Mosaic Light
Credit: Pinterest

This amazing mosaic look is easily done, and the final result is incredible! A source of indirect light to give a cozy sensation.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Fix the large piece of wood on the wall with the help of a drill and screws

Step 2 Fix the smaller pieces of wood around the back piece using a drill and screws.

Step 3Place your lights around the smaller pieces of wood and light them up!

7 Chandelier Ideas For The Garden

Nothing better than bringing a touch of class into your space. Those awesome chandelier ideas will help create depth in your space and bring amazing lighting solutions.

36. Candle Chandelier

DIY Wood planks and chain Candle Chandelier
Credit: Pinterest

This wonderful, rustic, and classy idea will bring a lot of light into your outdoor space! It brings a cozy feel and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Hang on your pergola, and have a great meal outdoors by candlelight.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Draw a rectangular shape inside your piece of wood.

Step 2Cut the middle of your wood piece. That can be cut with a hand saw, or circular saw, or you can buy already cut.

Step 3 Place your hooks on the edges of your wood

Step 4Fit the chain on the hooks


Place a hook on the bottom of your pergola, and fit the chain attached to the chandelier.

After that, place your candles on the chandelier and light them up.

37. Wire Basket Chandelier

DIY Garden Wire Basket Chandelier with candles
Credit: Pinterest

Thinking about having a picnic or a coffee outside? This chandelier will match beautifully with nature!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Take your rope and tie 3 knots around the wire basket.

Step 2 Hand your wire basket on a tree or pergola with another knot

Step 3 Place moss on the bottom of the wire, for decoration purposes

Step 4 Place your candles inside the wire basket.


38. Christmas Chandelier

DIY Christmas Garden Chandelier made of hanging planters and fairy lights
Credit: Pinterest

Holidays are the best time of the year. Perfect to put your creativity to work! Follow this next chandelier for an amazing jolly outcome.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Hook your metal chain into the wicker basket

Step 2 Place a hook on the bottom of your pergola

Step 3Fit your chain on the hook of the pergola

Step 4 Place fairy lights outside and inside your basket. You can also place Christmas decorations inside.

Merry Xmas!

39. Branches Chandelier

This amazing rustic-look branch chandelier will bring such a statement to your space, it is unbelievable!

DIY Branches Chandelier with mason jars, candles, and handing plants
Credit: Pinterest

It can be matched with a contemporary space, using colors such as white, beige, and one strong color to catch the eye. I would choose mint!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 First, place your rope around the mason jar, making a knot and leaving enough rope to hang.

Step 2 Take your branch, place a hook on the top, and fit the chain on the hook.

Step 3Place a hook on the ceiling to fit the branch chain.

Step 4 Take your mason jars with the rope attached to them and make a knot around the branch.

Step 5Put the candles inside the mason jar, and you are ready to go!

40. Bike Wheel Fairy Lights

As a lover of cycling, this idea caught my attention, amazing and modern.

DIY Bike Wheel Fairy Decorated Lights
Credit: Pinterest

For this example, a Christmas feel was added, but don’t hesitate to create an industrial or modern feel with different bike wheels.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Fit the hook on your ceiling

Step 2Make a knot in different spots to support the bike wheel

Step 3Place the fairy lights around the bike wheel

Step 4Fit the top of the rope on your ceiling hook.

Done! Amazing decoration with simple materials.

41. Wood Plank Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY garden outdoor Wood Plank Mason Jar Chandelier with candles
Credit: Pinterest

Amazing if you have a long table that you want to illuminate, or only for decorative purposes. Rustic look from the wood, and from the candles.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Cut your wood plank with a hand saw or circular saw according to how many mason jars you want to fit.

Tip – Draft the diameter of the mason jar top before cutting. Cut the holes with a jigsaw or a drill with a hole saw or circle cutter.

Step 2Make 4 small holes with the drill in the wood plank. Two on the left end, and two on the right end. This is where the rope will be fitted in.

Step 3 Fit in the rope and make a big enough knot, making sure it won’t escape.

Step 4 Pass the top of your rope around the pergola, making sure the edges match, and make a knot.

Step 5 Place your mason jars inside the holes.

Step 6 Light up your candles and place them inside the mason jar.

42. Barn Ladder Chandelier

DIY Barn Ladder Chandelier made with bulb socket with a cord and light bulbs or pendant lights.
Credit: Pinterest

Going for a more farmhouse style? This barn ladder chandelier will fit perfectly into your home (or outside!)

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 With 2 pieces of rope of the same dimension, tie a knot with both edges in different parts of the step (right and left).

Step 2Fit your hooks on the ceiling. Here, you are going to need 2 big hooks to hold firmly.

Step 3Fit the top of the rope on the ceiling hooks. Make sure they are holding it properly; we don’t want it to fall.

Step 4Entangle your fairy lights or light bulb wire around the ladder.

Light up, and have a blast!

7 Pendant Light Ideas For The Garden

7 ideas of pendant lights to bring light into your space. These pendants are easy to make, and will create an amazing atmosphere!

43. Concrete Vases Pendant Light

DIY Concrete Vases Pendant Light
Credit: Pinterest

Getting a bit more minimal? Have some concrete vases that are not being used? Transform into an awesome pendant light!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Take your concrete vase and make a small hole under it. This is where your first hook is going to go.

Step 2 Make a little hole in the ceiling. This is where your second hook is going to go.

Step 3 Take the rope and pass it around the vase a few times, next make a knot with the same rope on the top of the hook.

Step 4Time to hang – Take the tip of the rope and place it on the ceiling hook. Make a tight knot to ensure it won’t escape.

Step 5With some tape or glue, place your fairy lights inside the vase and turn them on.

44. Branch Pendant Light

DIY Branch Pendant Light
Credit: Pinterest

This one is very easy! Choose a pendant light that interests you and create a new and different use for it.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Take your curved branch and place it inside the concrete vase.

Step 2 Fill the vase with cement and wait for it to dry.

Step 3 Pass your pendant hangers around the branch until it reaches a plug.

Turn it on, and you have an awesome contemporary decoration!

45. Can Pendant Light

DIY Painted Tin Can Pendant Light
Credit: Pinterest

This DIY comes pretty much done! Besides being easy, the final look will match perfectly any ambient you want, it only depends on the color you paint.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Make a small hole in the bottom of your can, and ensure that the hole is big enough to pass the lamp wire.

Step 2Paint your can in the color of your choice.

Step 3 Wait for it to dry

Step 4 Place your light bulb inside the can and fit it on the lamp socket.

Step 5 Hang on your ceiling hook.

46. Succulent Garden With Chandelier

DIY hanging garden mason jars with lid
Credit: https://diyinspired.com

Two amazing garden things in one! Do you have an outdoors hung vase? Yes? Perfect, this idea it’s going to be easy then!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Make a small hole in the bottom of your planter to fit the hook.

Step 2Place the candle inside your mason jar

Step 3Close the lid and hang it on the planter hook.

How awesome is this rustic–modern look?

47. Hanging Planter Chandelier

DIY old hanging planter with fairly lights
Credit: Pinterest

Another great idea with great use, have an old planter that is not being used. Turn into an amazing Chandelier!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Fill your hang planter with fairy lights, and place it somewhere where you can enjoy it! Literally, that’s it!

48. Wood Plank Chandelier

DIY a hanging wood plank with glass jars and candles
Credit: Pinterest

What an amazing idea! Place your candles and vases on this awesome chandelier.

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Fix 4 hooks on the bottom of the pergola

Step 2 Make 4 holes in your wood plank, and fix your hooks

Step 3 Fit the chain on the pergola hook and on the plank hooks, making sure it balances perfectly.

Step 4 Place your plants and use the glass jar to place the candles inside.

Invite your friends and have a great time!

49. Moss And Fairy Lights

DIY hanging moss chandelier with fairly lights made of hula hoops
Credit: Pinterest

Awesome idea, and a great combination, of green and yellow lights. Bring the cozy to all of your space!

What Do I Need?

How To Make It?

Step 1 Fix the moss around the circular shape, and add the fairy lights.

Step 2Place the hooks on the ceiling (you can check how many you need according to the size of the circular shape material)

Step 3Place the hooks on your circular material

Step 4 Use the thread, and fit it on the hooks.

I hope you like it!


There are DIY garden lighting ideas for all tastes, you just have to commit to some styles and choose the best one that matches your space!

Hoping you like this DIY guide, have fun creating your own pieces!

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