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In today’s article, we will discuss the best computer desk lamp that is good for both PC and laptop use.

Also, we will show the best desk lamps for PCs and laptops individually.

Computers are an integral part of modern life. We spend a large portion of our working hours in front of them and use them for entertainment in our free time.

Fast Facts

A recent study shows the average American spends 142.5 minutes daily in front of a computer.

Choosing the correct desk lamp is crucial to your health and productivity. Both aesthetic and technical aspects need to be taken into account during the selection process.

Best Computer Desk Lamp For PC and Laptop - Our Pick

JolyJoys black computer desk lamp on a white surface

JOLY JOY - JH-DL2A Architect Style Desk Lamp

JolyJoy's modern architect desk lamp is a good universal lamp for PC and laptop. It could easily blend to a modern home, requires very little space, is glare and flicker-free and provides enough illuminance for the task area. This lamp is tall enough to be positioned above the reader's head, so there is no risk of seeing the reflection of the light source on the screen. The long and flexible arm allows the light to be angled towards the task area. The wide light distribution evenly illuminates the whole task area. The dimmable feature and color temperature adjustment finetune the light according to the ambiance and the time of the day.

Comparison Table

Below is a comparison table of the best desk lamps for computer work that have we tested and chosen. 

JolyJoy JH-DL2A
Benq Screenbar e-Reading
TaoTronics TT-DL050
Clamp-on; minimal space required
Some desk space required
No desk space required
20-100% stepless dimming
6 brightness settings
Auto and manual dimming
3000K to 5500K
2700K to 6500K, 5 color modes
2700K to 6500K, 8 color modes

How We Picked The Best Lamp For PC and Laptop?

When choosing a suitable computer desk lamp, we asked ourselves these questions:

  • Do we use it for PC, laptop or both?
  • Where are we going to put the lamp?’
  • How much space do we have on the desk?
  • What other tasks will we perform under the lamp?

This will provide us with clarity on which lamp to choose. Then, we started to look at both the design and technical aspects.

The style of the lamp determines whether the lamp fits into the overall home decor. A beautifully designed lamp should blend in well with the furniture and enhance the look of your home.

Desk lamps with good adjustability could place the light source at an optimal position to best support our use case.

lamp position
Correct lamp position to a screen

The fixing mechanism is what separates a PC lamp from a laptop lamp.

For a laptop user, the desk might often be used for other functions like reading and writing. This would increase the movement around the task area. In this case, a desk lamp needs a sturdy base to avoid being accidentally knocked off.

For dedicated PC users, the desk setup is mostly static. Because the separate keyboard and mouse can consume a large portion of valuable desk area, a desk lamp that requires very little or no space would free up some much-needed space.

However, the most important factor of a desk lamp is the quality of light.

The desk area should be evenly lit without dark or bright corners. The modern LED lamps on the market often come with dimming and color temperature adjustment.

These functions allow the lamp to better adapt to the time of the day and support the body’s circadian rhythm.

Also, ensure the lamp is flicker-free and does not fatigue the eyes.

A Detailed Review of The Best Computer Desk Lamp: JOLY JOY - JH-DL2A

JolyJoys best computer desk lamp on a white surface


The design of Joly Joy’s Modern table lamp is elegant, clean and the color is neutral. As most homes have modern style furniture, it would blend in nicely with the furniture and decor.


The lamp has a sturdy clamp that can be fixed on to the edge of the desk, so it occupies very little desk area which means more room for your keyboard and mouse when using a PC. It can even be folded away during the time when it is not used.


The position of the light source is important to the reading experience. The light source could be positioned higher than the reader’s head, so there won’t be a light reflection on the screen to cause glare.

The lamp should also be away from the screen to avoid part of the light beam hitting the screen surface. Jolyjoy’s modern lamp has a 40″ long and fully adjustable arm that allows the light source to be positioned correctly towards the different task areas to suit different tasks like screen work, reading or craft making.

Light distribution

The lamp also has an impressive wide light beam. It can cover a wide desk area that would be sufficient for browsing larger documents alongside the PC.


JolyJoy’s lamp’s 20%-100% stepless dimming makes it more versatile and energy saving.

If the task area has daylight, only very little artificial light during the day so 20% might be enough to supplement the natural light.

At night different brightness for screen work and reading would be required. 500-700lx on the desk is recommended for reading on paper while reading on the screen only requires 150-300lx to reduce the contrast of the screen and the background, so our eyes are not strained.

The dimmability of the lamp can provide the needed level of brightness that is needed without wasting any energy.

Color temperature

JolyJoy’s desk lamp’s temperature adjustment ranges from 3000K(warm light) to 5500K(cool light). This function allows the lamp to change its light color according to the time of the day which would be beneficial for the body.

This is because our ancestors have lived for thousands of years under natural light. As a result, the changing color temperature of daylight triggers our brain for different functions.

The cool blue light in the morning triggers the brain to be more active so that we feel energetic and ready for the day.

The warm, orange evening light signals the brain to relax so we can rest well in the night.

If the wrong color of light is used, ie. have cool-blue light in the night or warm light in the morning, the body can get confused and start to feel an effect similar to jetlag. This could be harmful to the body in the long term.


The lamp is flicker-free and does not fatigue our eyes.

Ever hear low-frequency sound or notice black band on your phone screen near a light source? That is flicker.

Flicker is the perception of visual unsteadiness caused by a fluctuating light source. It is typically caused by voltage ripple at the output of the AC power supply. Most of the time it is invisible, but long-term exposure to flicker can cause headaches, eye strain, and even visual impairment.

In conclusion, the stylish and flexible JolyJoy’s modern desk lamp that emits healthy light is the best fit for both PC and desktop tasks.

Modern design and neutral color
The clamp-on base can be knocked off by accident
Great flexibility and sustainability
Angle of the power cable is in a awkward position
Good light distribution
Touch controls can be too sensitive
Step-free 20-100% dimmable
Flicker free

Best Desk Lamp For PC: BenQ Screenbar

BenQ-screenbar lamp

BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Monitor Light is most suitable if you work only on PCs.

This lamp can be easily clipped onto the top of the computer monitor.  Therefore it takes no desk space at all, which is a great space saver for a desk that needs to support keyboard, mouse while still keeping space for paper reading.

Its slim design and dark color make the lamp almost unnoticeable. The lamp allows 10-degree vertical adjustment so that the lamp can be angled towards the task area.

It has a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the task area to be illuminated to 500 Lux required by reading. Also, the user can manually adjust the brightness of the lamp feels too bright or too dark.

The color temperature of the lamp can be set from 2700K(warm light) to 6500K(cool white), which would fit well for daytime and nighttime use.

The light source itself is also free from flicker and excessive blue light, which makes it ideal for long-hour work on PC.

Takes up no desk space
Most light distribution concentrated on the area in front of the screen
Angle adjustment to optimize reading task
Take up one USB port
Many color temperature options
Could be knocked off by accident
Auto and manual dimmability

Best Desk Lamp For Laptop: TaoTronics TT-DL050

TaoTronics TT-DL-050

TaoTronics 12W LED Desk Lamp is ideal for laptop-only users.

Because a desk for a laptop is usually multi-functional, the desk lamp needs to have great flexibility for all potential activities. It also needs to be stable enough to withstand frequent rearrangement.

TaoTronics LED desk lamp has a wide sturdy base and 180-degree adjustable rotatable arm. So it can be positioned in front of the laptop when paper reading is carried out along with computer work.

Or it can be positioned behind the laptop as ambient light if the user is only doing work on screen. It can even be folded away if the desk has plenty of daylight and no additional light is required.

Similar to other desk lamps mentioned in this article, it is also flicker-free and has 5 color temperature and 5 Brightness levels to suit different tasks and times of the day.  

The additional wireless and USB charging function would remove USB clutter from a laptop where USB ports are typically limited. With the lamp doing phone charging work on its base, desk space could be freed up furthermore. 

Sturdy base
Takes up some desk space
180 adjustable and rotatable arm
Some users report high pitched sound coming form the lamp
Brightness and color temperature adjustment
Wireless and USB charging function

Best Home Office Lighting For Computer Work Tips

For both PC and laptop lamp, the most annoying thing is glare, therefore it is important to position the light source correctly.

The light source should always be higher than your head and the screen, so there is no chance for the user to see the reflection of the light source on the screen.

Also, pay attention to the contrast of the screen brightness to the ambient light and adjust the lamp accordingly to avoid eye strain. 

Best Light Colors For Computer Work

To make the light work for you, set the light color temperature to 5000K + in the morning, and turn it down to 3000K gradually towards the evening. Productivity and concentration can be maximized by allowing the light to be tuned to the body.

light temperature scale
Picture demonstrating a light color scale

Nevertheless, the best light source is daylight. It has the healthiest color and consumes zero energy.

Unfortunately, many desks are placed away from the windows to avoid direct sunlight. By installing a french blind or a light curtain that filters direct sunlight, daylight can be effectively utilized.

Remember to position the desk at 90-degree instead of parallel to the window.

Correct desk position against the window

Having the screen against the window would cause a sharp contrast of screen brightness versus the sky which can strain your eyes. Having the window at the back will cause the sky to reflect on the screen that can make the image and text unclear. 

Having a secondary light source like a pendant light or a wall light in the room can further improve your eye comfort levels for computer work. This secondary light source will balance the overall brightness of the room so your eyes won’t be strained by the contrast between the brightness of your desk and other parts of the room.

In conclusion, to best judge, a suitable desk lamp is to examine all the factors that matter. 

By carefully looking at its design, flexibility, and quality of light, the chosen lamp can increase productivity and make the computer work more enjoyable.

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