Today, we are here to talk about desk lamps with charging stations which include USB ports or Wireless charging stations in their base: a synonym of functionality and style.

If you needed another excuse not to be away from our phones at any time, day or night, we are here to provide it!

Buying a lamp today doesn’t simply mean getting a new light spot for your home or office: it means making a fundamental decor and design choice, choosing which technological feature you want with it, and enjoying many of its great functions.

So stay with us while we cover the following topics such as:

  • Analyzing the main pros and cons of wireless and USB charging stations, so that you can find out which best suits your tech habits
  • What other desk lamp features are important besides having a USB or wireless charging functions
  • Our best picks of desk lamps with USB charging stations and wireless ones, link to the product and summary of best and worst reviews.

Desk Lamps With Charging Stations: USB vs Wireless - Which Is Better?

After the launch of iPhone X, we have been hearing the terms like wireless charging more and more. However, this technology, which to the least experts could look like such a complicated and advanced jump into the future, is not really that mysterious.

Smart-phones have a plate which is sensitive to the electromagnetic field created by the wireless charging base or dock. Once the device to be charged enters the radius of the electromagnetic field (an inch or two) the recharge is activated.

But how to know which desk lamps with charging station to choose? Should you go classic and choose a USB charging station, or if you should join the new and trendy technology?

white desk lamp with USB charging station
Example of a USB charging station
a black desk lamp with wireless charging station
Example of a wireless charging station

Consider this: wireless charging is quite cheap, and as of today it can be used on ALMOST all devices. It is incredibly comfortable and pleasant looking, because it eliminates almost all cables, and is quite versatile as well because you won’t have to remember charging devices or power banks.

On the other hand, however, USB charging is quicker, works on ALL devices, and it does not disperse energy, which means that it does not pollute. Furthermore, it allows you to use your phone whilst charging, as opposed to wireless solutions.

Comparison Table Between USB & Wireless Stations

USB Charging Station

Quicker and faster charging
Compatible with all devices
Using phone doesn't interrupt charging
Use of cables
Untidy look

Wireless Charging Station

Compatible with almost all devices
No cables required
Tidy look
Doesn't support some devices
Slower and longer charging
Using phone does interrupt charging

Other Essential Features To Look For: How To Choose The Perfect Desk Lamp

Let’s find out how to choose the perfect desk lamp: which factors need to be taken into consideration before your next purchase. Design, lighting, and consumption are of the utmost importance!

When choosing the perfect lamp for your desk, remember issues such as illumination levels, consumption of electricity, fixable angle, material, and style, but also consider the presence and amount of charging ports.

If we spend most of our time in front of the PC or bent over books, it is important to choose the right lighting. Desk lamps must be chosen with great care, carefully examining all the features that can affect our comfort.


Poor lighting that is not suited for our needs can, in fact, cause eye strain, especially if we use it frequently, as well as incorrect postures. It is, therefore, better to opt for models that allow the light beam to be oriented according to need, as is the case with desk lamps equipped with adjustable arms.

Electricity Consumption

Electricity expenditure should also be considered, especially if your lamp will be on for several hours a day. Consumption can be reduced with the use of LED lighting.

Design And Size

As with any piece of furniture, also in the case of desk lamps the style matters. Therefore, the design and size of the lamp should not be neglected to ensure that it is suitable for the work surface where it will be placed and that it can be perfectly integrated with the rest of the furniture.


So, if you have made your decision on one solution or the other, you are ready for our next section: our top product choices of desk lamps with a USB charging station and wireless charging stations.

Desk Lamps With USB Charging Stations

1. Regency Hill Charlton Traditional Desk Table Lamp

A Charlton brand traditional desk lamp with USB charging station

This industrial style desk lamp with USB charging port comes with a warm bronze finish, metal construction, rectangular shade, and 8-foot long black cord.

It uses two 75-watt standard-medium base bulbs; 26 inches overall. The USB port is a 2.0- type; the base also includes dual power outlets.

Luxurious style
Chain of the lamp can be fragile
Practical and made of good quality materials
The shade is not perfectly fitting
Powerful light that does not strain the eyes
Flawless packaging

2. Home Plus Multi-Functional Lamp

A Hhome brand traditional looking lamp with USB charging station

This next-level desk lamp with a black solid wood base comes with three USB charging ports, allowing you to charge altogether three of your most needed devices.

Furthermore, the charging ports can be used regardless of the lamp is on or off. The base of the lamp also showcases three slots to store the devices being charged.

Finally, the lamp comes with twelve months guarantee and twelve hours of support available every day.

High-quality materials
Slots to store devices are not big enough for kindles, tablets and other bigger devices
Good quality charger
Beautiful design
Very efficient client support

3. LEDGLE Table Lamp with LCD Screen


This modern lamp presents an LCD screen which can be pressed down for 3 seconds to turn on or off the lamp.

Aside from presenting a USB charging port, this great product also allows the setting of alarms, informs on temperature, hour and date.

The LED lighting comes with an anti-glare shade and is Eco-friendly. It also presents five levels of brightness, perfect for any task performed.

Handy and comfortable
Power of the illumination
High-quality materials
Sometimes not enough brightness
Highly adjustable light
LCD screen is easy to read and to use
Practical and works in several different positions

Desk Lamps With Wireless Charging Stations

1. ASIWO LED Desk Lamp


This great looking lamp can charge your device without using any extra cable and works with most of the recent models of smart-phone.

It provides flicker-free lighting and is designed to reduce glare, eyestrain, and fatigue, which makes it perfect for reading, studying or working.

It uses an energy-saving LED light, it is adjustable and flexible. The base is stable and made of good quality materials. The lamp comes with three great lighting modes.

Great design
Buttons are too small and close together
Very functional charging station
Only one USB charging slot
Flexible and comfortable

2. TaoTronics LED Lamp


If you can’t have enough modes and brightness, this is the perfect lamp for you, since it has five of the firsts and seven of the seconds!

Plus, it showcases Wireless and USB chargers, has an adjustable head and a time-saving memory function.

What else could we possibly want? Well, for it to look THAT beautiful!

The minimalist design of this great-looking product is just one of the perks of this lamp, which will create a cozy atmosphere and feel in your home, and will not risk of straining your eyes.

Flexible and adjustable
The lamp is quite small and does not illuminate a big surface
Phone-charger works great
In a few cases, it has stopped working after not long
Great lighting function
Buttons also designed for people with special needs
No eye strain after extensive use

3. Pulse On LED Lamp

a black Puls On lamp brand with USB and wireless capabilities

This stylish lamp includes a USB charger and wireless charger, a memory function and touch control.

The lamp is portable and flexible: it showcases a 225° adjustable angle, which means that you can position it however you like.

It also has multiple light modes and adjustable brightness.

The product is also completely safe for eyes: it is dimmable and uses a LED light source design to eliminate glare, visual fatigue and improve visual effects.

Sleek design
Might not be bright enough for some
Multiple color temperatures and intensities
Timer, date and year are difficult to set
Sensitive touch control


What to consider when buying desk lamps with charging stations like USB and Wireless:

  • Check the overall quality of the product: it has to be non-toxic and made of durable material so that you won’t have to replace it too soon.
  • Make sure that the lamp’s style goes well with the design of your home
  • Choose the right lamp based on what you are going to use it for: do you need it to read, study, work, or maybe for leisure time?
  • Remember to check if the charger works with your devices: some models of phone don’t work with wireless chargers.
  • Consider which charging solution works best for your needs: USB can be messy, but Wireless makes it so that you can’t use your phone whilst it is charging
  • Check the reviews of the products before buying them: sometimes they might be not as good as they look!

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