11 Best Table Lamps For The Living Room – Various Styles To Satisfy Everyone’s Taste

Today we are going to talk about the best table lamps for the living room

Sir Terence Conran, an English designer, and writer once said:

The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – a temple of our soul.

And indeed, our living space should reflect who we really are and who we are striving to become.

To take your living room to the next level, all you need are some detail-stylish and functional items, such as table lamps.

If you are currently on a hunt for a table lamp, continue reading as we will provide you with some tricks and tips to help you find the perfect one.

Table List Of Our Top Picks:

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TallJONATHAN Y JYL2004A Harper 29" Modern Contemporary Glass LED Table LampJONATHAN Y JYL2004A tall glass lampCHECK
SmallCOTULIN Gold Modern Hollow Out Base Living Room Bedroom Small Table LampCotulin small table lampCHECK
TraditionalTraditional lamp with cloth shadeBobomomo table lampCHECK
ModernMayful Modern Table Lamp, LED Spiral Lamp, Stepless DimmableMayful modern table lampCHECK
CeramicStone & Beam round ceramic table Nautical Bedside LampStone&Beam ceramic table lampCHECK
WoodenWalnut Wood table lamp ElyonaElyona walnut wood table lampCHECK
StoneKenroy Home 32227SL Free Fall Table Lamp with Natural Slate Finish, Rustic StyleStoneside lamp by Stylecraft Home CollectionCHECK
GlassBOKT Glass Table Lamp 1 Light Bedside Table Lamp Metal Standing Reading Lamp with Glass Ball Shade, Gold Desk Lamp for Bedroom, Office, Study Room, Brushed Brass FinishedBokt modern glass globe table lampCHECK
CrystalAcaxin Medium Decorative Crystal Table Bedside Lamp with Touch Control, 3-Way Dimmable and Bulb Included, Nightstand Lamp with 2 USB Charging PortsAcaxin crystal table lampCHECK
MetalHAITRAL A001-AMD Industrial desk lamp vintage style with edison bulbHaitral modern table lampCHECK
Battery-operatedWEILAILUX Outdoor Battery Operated Table Lamp Waterproof, 4000mAh Cordless Table Lamp Rechargeable, Touch Dimmable Desk Lamp, LEDWeilailux lampCHECK

A Quick Buying Guide For Choosing the Best Table Lamp For The Living Room

Here are some guidelines to help you decide on the most suitable design for your space.

You might also want to read our detailed user-friendly guide on how to choose a table lamp.

Every table lamp is made of these key elements:

  1. Base
  2. Lampshade
  3. Lamp fitter
  4. Switch
  5. Socket
  6. Light source (bulb).

When it comes to the lampshade and bases their main characters are a variety of shapes and materials.

The well-chosen shade should complement the base, and be the “continuation” of the same theme and it will never compete with the base for your attention. The proportions, materials, and shapes of both elements should be in harmony.

Classic white table lamp
An example of a well-balanced table lamp

The shape of the furniture your lamp will be placed on, and the overall decor of your living room should be taken into consideration as well when deciding on your design. 

Rectangular furniture is likely to be best complemented by a more angular or rectangular shade, while more rounded furniture will work best with a more rounded shade. Of course, rules are there to be broken.

Some manufacturers deliver lamps as already predefined elements of your inner space, while others allow their customers to mix and match these two elements in order to find their perfect design. Choose the option that works best for you.

Functionality is one of the most important parameters to follow.

The intensity of the light source as well as the color of the bulb (warm, neutral, or cool) will drastically change the atmosphere in your room.

Style is one of the things we have absolutely taken into consideration when creating our list of the best table lamps for the living room.

Our Top Pick Of 11 Different Style Lamps For The Living Room

1. Tall Table Lamp

The JONATHAN Y JYL2004A Harper 29″ glass LED table lamp is a perfect example of a tall traditional table lamp, which can easily capture the attention of your guests, not only because of its size but also because of its beauty.

JONATHAN Y JYL2004A Harper 29" Modern Contemporary Glass LED Table Lamp
JONATHAN Y JYL2004A Harper 29″ Glass LED Table Lamp
Lamp size: 29 inches tall100 watts, 800 Lumen, soft-white LEDMultiple finishes – Chrome, Brass Gold, or Oil Rubbed Bronze/Black
15″D x 15″W x 29″HA19el. cord

2. Small Table Lamp

When it comes to small lamps, Cotulin will bring quirkiness to your living room.

COTULIN Gold Modern Hollow Out Base Living Room Bedroom Small Table Lamp
COTULIN small table lamp for the living room
Lamp size: 14.8 inch height,7.1 inch diameterAC 110V – 120V,max 40W, E26 bulbMultiple finishes
Shade included

Size Considerations When Buying Table Lamp:

You may find that you’re asking yourself, how big should the lighting actually be? 

The proportion between lamps and the rest of the interior elements should be harmonious. Large lighting in strong, bold colors will definitely create a statement and draw attention.

On the other hand, smaller lighting surrounded by neutral hues will blend in better. Which option you choose largely depends on your taste and preferences.

No matter which concept you have gone after, you should keep one tip in mind when deciding on the right size. That is, the bottom of the lampshade should always be lined up with your eyes, while you are in a seated position. The light beam will “travel” free of obstacles and as a result, the task area will be less shaded.

3. Traditional Table Lamp

Overall, the atmosphere in traditionally decorated spaces is homey and inviting. Of course, some smaller details, such as lighting will always enhance your living room and make it even more charming. 

The Bobomomo table lamp is an elegant lamp that blends the traditionally shaped stand and cylindrical cloth shade with some serious modern features – three dimmable levels and USB charging ports. It will surely warm up your home with some traditional old-fashioned charm.

Traditional lamp with cloth shade
Overall lamp height: 27.5″ tall
resin base, cloth shade3 brightness levels
Shade approx 18″ diameter, 13.5″ tall2 USB charging ports

4. Modern Table Lamp

Straight, clean lines, sleek design, and simple yet angled forms are the main characteristics of “modern” design. This style is simple and unadorned. Metal and artificially made materials and fabrics are the main components of contemporary tendencies in interior decor.

Mayful LED spiral table lamp is functional, but at the same time utterly decorative detail for your home. With its unusual form and implementation of brass elements in combination with black simple lines, this lamp is truly a piece of art. 

Mayful Modern Table Lamp, LED Spiral Lamp, Stepless Dimmable
Mayful LED Spiral Modern Table Lamp – Stepless Dimmable
Lamp size: 16.5″D x 6.3″W x 6.7″H12W LED light strips (lifespan is more than 50000 working hours)Dimmable & Eye Protection
Glass & metal materials

5. Ceramic Table Lamp

If you like the vibe of porcelain table lamps but your budget is tight, try looking into ceramic table lamps instead. Although porcelain and ceramic are made of similar substances, china is a more durable and less porous material than ceramic. The production of porcelain is more complicated and time-consuming and therefore the final product is more expensive.

The cheaper clay-based material is easy to sculpt and any form of the object can be achieved. With a simple yet elegant ceramic base and traditionally shaped fabric shade, Stone&Beam ceramic lamp will fit right in almost any living room. It is a modern classic. 

Stone & Beam round ceramic table Nautical Bedside Lamp
Stone & Beam Ceramic Table Lamp
Lamp size: height 20″, width/diameter 11″9W E26 screw bulb includedSome minor assembly required

6. Wooden Table Lamp

Wood is a material that has been in use since ancient times. It is an organic and biodegradable substance. The feeling of warmth and coziness is usually directly linked to the presence of wood in any room. 

Elyona Wood Table Lamp is a fine example of a combined wooden base with a metal lamp shade. Its organic form and neutral hues will fit well in any modernly designed interior space.

Walnut Wood table lamp Elyona
Wooden table lamp – Elyona
Lamp size: ‎5.1″L x 7.1″W x 19.1″H inches5W LED E26 screw bulb includedReal walnut wood, fully adjustable
3000k, 25 000 hrs lifetimeWireless phone charging, USB charging port

7. Rustic Table Lamp

With the tendency and movements to go back to our roots and nature, contemporary rustic is one of the most popular styles in the second decade of the twenty-first century. Natural, aged, casual, and coastal are just some of the adjectives that describe this style. Rustic design is warm, comfortable, and welcoming. 

The Kenroy Home 32227SL ‘free fall’ table lamp with a natural slate finish is a great example of rustic table lighting that will bring warmth and coziness to your living room.

Kenroy Home 32227SL Free Fall Table Lamp with Natural Slate Finish, Rustic Style
Kenroy Home 32227SL Rustic Style Free Fall Table Lamp with Natural Slate Finish
Lamp size: 16″D x 12″W x 30″H150 wattsAlexa-compatible smart plugs for on/off voice-activated operation
Shade size: 15 x 17120 VoltsFitted with a 3-Way socket for high, medium, and low light settings

8. Glass and Crystal Table Lamps

For centuries, crystals were popular among certain classes of society. Glass was pricey and not everyone could afford such a statement piece in their homes. Even today, these pendant lighting fixtures are considered to be a luxury. 

With the evolution of industry glass,  a lamp made by Rivet is something to be found on the market. Its design reminds us that less is truly more.

Bokt glass globe table lamps have three different styles

Lamp size: D30* 52.5cm/ 11.8″ * 20.7″, glass globe diameter: 20cm/ 7.9″Bulb LED Type: E26/E27Gold finish
Wattage 40 wattsMetal base with glass shade

If you prefer considerably big chunks of crystal, Acaxin Crystal Lamp is the product to consider.

Acaxin Medium Decorative Crystal Table Bedside Lamp with Touch Control, 3-Way Dimmable and Bulb Included, Nightstand Lamp with 2 USB Charging Ports
Acaxin Decorative Crystal Table Lamp with Touch Control, 3-Way Dimmable, and 2 USB Charging Ports
Lamp size: 7.08″D x 7.08″W x 16.93″HE26/E27 base with 2700K warm bright2 USB Charging Ports
Touch Control
3-Way Dimmable
Edison Bulb Included
Shade size: 7.8″ diameterHigh-quality faceted crystal

Things to consider when buying:

Glass is a versatile material that can practically fit in any space. It is also very fragile, which is something to consider when choosing a glass or crystal table lamp for your living room. Pricing is on the higher end, which could be an additional con.

9. Metal Table Lamp

This style, also known as industrial chic, is an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes inspiration from old industrial spaces and factories. Metal is one of the main materials used to accomplish this philosophy. Believed to be firm and long-lasting, metal-made furniture is always a good purchase. 

An excellent example of a modernly designed, industry-inspired, table metal lamp is the HAITRAL Metal Table Lamp. Not only does this piece give a good task light, but it is also highly decorative. 

HAITRAL A001-AMD Industrial desk lamp vintage style with edison bulb
HAITRAL A001-AMD Industrial desk lamp vintage style with Edison bulb

Lamp size: 17″D x 8″W x 7″HSuggested bulbs:
– LED Bulb: 4W-6W
– Energy Saving Bulb: 8W-11W
– Incandescent Bulb: 15W-25W(110V, 60W Max)
Use the different bulbs to change the look of the lamp.

Available in black, gold, rose gold, wooden/gold, and wooden/rose gold finish.
Bulb Wattage: Max 60W
Bulb Base: E26
High-quality metal

Things to consider when buying:

When buying a metal table lamp pay attention to the overall vibe in your living room and then decide on your preferred design. The only possible negative aspect these lamps could have is their heavier weight due to the nature of the material they are made of.

10. Battery Operated Table Lamp

With the evolution of design and the production of lighting “bodies” and fixtures, lamps with self-contained batteries were introduced to the market. Nowadays, by simply plugging a USB cable in, you can charge your lamp with the help of your notebook computer, external battery, or even a USB station. These lamps are easy to transfer and you don’t need to stress about finding a power source. 

The WEILAILUXTable Lamp s available in seven different finishes (white, dark gray, wood grain, black, red, orange, and red) and has a battery that can last up to nine hours. Thanks to its timeless design, it could perfectly fit any style of your living space.

WEILAILUX Outdoor Battery Operated Table Lamp Waterproof, 4000mAh Cordless Table Lamp Rechargeable, Touch Dimmable Desk Lamp, LED
WEILAILUX Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Battery Operated LED Table Lamp, 4000mAh Cordless Touch Dimmable

Lamp size: 5.9″D x 5.9″W x 15″H1x 2.2 Watt, 120 Volt/240 Volt Integrated LEDMultiple finishes
Shade diameter: 4.3″Battery lasts up to 9 hours
Suitable for indoor/outdoor use (waterproof)
Touch switch, Dimmable

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