Best Magnifying Lamps For Crafts: The Complete Guide

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Written by: Caroline Martins, updated on 01/27/2020
man using the best magnifying lamp for crafts

Today, we are going to talk about the best magnifying lamps for crafts.

Magnifying lamps, also known as low-vision lighted magnifiers, are specific devices that help people clearly see– a healthy and ergonomically correct way to perform delicate tasks.

In this article, we will cover:

  • types of magnifying lamps
  • a guide of what to consider and what to look for when buying such a product
  • quick tips on how to use your magnifying lamp
  • pros and cons, and some interesting facts

Here’s our list of the best magnifying lamps that will help you work on different crafts:

Best Magnifying Lamp For Painting Miniatures

Brightech LightView PRO LTVP-CE-Bk

With this lamp’s features, painting miniatures won’t ever be the same because of the great light and perfect contrast it provides, which will allow you to achieve a great result. The stand will allow you to use both hands to paint your miniatures, and the magnifying glass won’t let you miss out on any detail.

best desk magnifying lamp for painting miniatures

Best Magnifying Lamp For Putting Puzzles

Brightech 6 Wheel Rolling Base LTVPRB-W, 9 watts

Perfect lamp for putting puzzles together: the light is dimmable, and the light color can be adjusted. The LEDs will last twenty years and save energy while helping you perform well in your hobbies and crafts. The adjustable color temperature ranges from 4,000K warm white to 6,000K cool white. The lamp presents a gooseneck and a rolling base, which make it super comfortable and ergonomic.

brightech 6 wheel rolling base magnifier lamp for putting puzzles

Best Magnifying Lamp For Sewing

LANCOSC Lamp with Clamp, 4.4-inch lens

This device is ideal for sewing and needle working. It includes 10 levels of dimming up to 960 lumens, 3 color models, and 5 diopters real glass. The lamp protects your eyes thanks to the absence of glare and ghost. It also features a highly adjustable swing arm that can be moved 220° up and down and 350° swivel.

lancosc black table magnifying lamp for sewing and needle-working

Best Magnifying Lamp For Jewelry

Brightech LightView LTVEWFL, 5-inch long x 4-inches wide lens

Great lamp to make jewelry, adored by pro users because it is a hand free device with gooseneck. The magnification strength is up to 175%, and the lamp boasts the largest diopter glass with a 15-inch focal range. It also comes in five diopters (2.25x).

brightech white magnifying lamp for crafts

Best Magnifying Lamp For Knitting

iMagnify 8x Magnifier, 5.5 Inch Lens

This lamp comes with powerful 8X lenses and 6 LED lights, which will make it impossible for you to miss any detail on whatever activity you are performing. Great for inspecting objectives, knitting, and many other hobbies that require focus and eye strength.

iMagniphy white desk magnifying lamp for knitting

Other Good Magnifying Lamps For General Crafts

Brightech 2 in 1 Clamp - FBA_LTV2IN1-BK, 3 inches wide lens

This Diopter Glass Magnifier lamp will provide you with the perfect illumination if you want to relax and catch up with a book. Furthermore, it works as both a table and a clamp lamp. It is an energy-saving device with a genuine diopter glass, perfect for crafts, especially if your sight is lower than average.

brightech black gooseneck magnifier lamp

Brightech LTVPCL-W-XL, 6” wide by 4.5” long lens

This lamp comes with a rectangular 5-diopter, with 2.25x magnifying strength. Not everyone loves rounded lenses. If you are among these people, this lamp will be the best solution to help you perform your activities, crafts, and projects.

brightech white magnifier lamp

SUPER DEAL PRO, 4.9'' diameter lens

This is the perfect lamp to use at the workbench because of the adjustable swivel and swing-arm. The magnifying lens comes with a protective cover and can rotate 360 degrees left and right, and 180 up and down. The color is natural and shadow-free: it will help your eyes rest and still perform well.

white desk table magnifying clamp lamp

What To Consider When Buying A Magnifying Lamp For Crafts

At this point, you probably understood that magnifying lamps are the key to working with tasks that require precision.

If you are buying a magnifying lamp, you can expect a lot of pros that come with this choice: you are going to be able to see small details without forcing your eyesight, it also prevents eye strain and eye fatigue, allowing you to maintain your vision just as perfect as it is now.

1. Diopter: What It Is And How Does It Work?

If you are buying a magnifying lamp, a lot of terms will come across during your search.

One of them is “diopter”.

What is this mystery word, and what does it do?

It seems tricky and incomprehensible: after all, you just want to buy something that will help perform your tasks: why do you need to know all of these useless terms?

1.1 What Is A Diopter?

A diopter is the measurements of a lens’s ability to bend light over a surface.

The power of the diopter is an increase of power by 25%.

E.g., a 3 – diopter is a 1.75 power lens, a 5 – diopter is a 2.25 power lens.

When looking at your diopter, think about how far you want your product to be away from the lens.

2. Focal length

Focal length, or popularly known as ‘working distance’ is defined as the distance from the lens to where an object is focused.

The focal length is an optical system used to measure an individual object’s power to either attract or reject the light.

A positive focal length means that a specific object attracts light. In contrast, a negative focal length means that the object will reject the light.

3. Hands-free magnifying lamp

A hand-free magnifying lamp is a very great idea if you need both hands to perform your task.

Perfect for activities such as knitting, painting, and drawing. The lamp has a base or a clip to hold on to the furniture so that you have to solely focus on the activity without worrying about light and magnifying with constance.

4. What is the field of view (FOV)?


If you are buying a magnifying lamp, this is something essential to consider.

The FOV or field of view is the size of the magnified area that is in focus under the lens.

If you have a high magnification, you have a small field of view.

E.g., take a flashlight and point to the wall. When you get closer to the wall, the spot of light (FOV) becomes smaller. The same goes for a magnifying lamp.

Buying A New Magnifying Lamp? Here's What To Look For:

1. Lens

Probably the most important thing when buying a magnifying lamp.

What kind of lenses do you need for the task you’re performing? 3 diopter? 5 diopter? Be picky! After all, you want to spare your eyesight and feel comfortable, whatever you are using the lamp for.

Remember that a dust cover will help you maintain your lenses clean and make sure that you don’t scratch them by mistake.

2. Body Of The Lamp

Ergonomy is extremely important, especially if you take care of a complicated task that requires precision and attention.

Choose a lamp that is comfortable, easy to move, turn, and that will fulfill your need while working.

Style is important, but it is not everything. Remember that you will be using that lamp a lot. Therefore you need to make sure it is as comfortable as possible.

3. Head Of The Lamp

Easy to move, easy to access, and easy to position.

Find a lamp that satisfies these three requirements, and you will have everything you need from a functionality point of view.

4. Functionality

Speaking of functionality, make sure to choose something easily detachable, easy to transport, and easy to put together. That will help you use the lamp, put it together, and dismantle it in case you need to.

5. Check Prices And Reviews

Do a thorough analysis of every product –some magnifying lamps have the same diopter and attributes than others. Still, the price can vary. So check reviews, do some research, and make sure you’ll get the best from your purchased product.

Quick Tips:

Our List Of The Best Magnifying Lamps For Crafts: Pros and Cons

Like every product in the market, pros and cons are a great way to make your mind about your favorite product. They will help you have a clear view of the product you might purchase and save you hours of research.

Some lamps are better than others, while a single lamp can be useful for several activities.

1. Brightech Light View PRO LTVP-CE-Bk

Best Magnifier Lamp For Painting Miniatures

best desk magnifying lamp for painting miniatures

Best magnifying lamp for reading and close work. It has features such as hands-free, it
is dimmable, and has an LED color adjustment.

Hands-free lamp
Arms, head, and mounting base are sometimes too loose
Touch switch dimmer and color adjusting
Weak magnification

2. Brightech 6 Wheel Rolling Base LTVPRB-W, 9 watts

Best Magnifier Lamp For Putting Puzzles

brightech 6 wheel rolling base magnifier lamp for putting puzzles

This Magnifying floor lamp is perfect for seeing small details and performing tasks such as knitting, doing puzzles, and reading. It has a hands-free feature.

Perfect to see small details
Sometimes the light flickers
Dimmable and color adjusting
Sharp edges
Comes in 3 diopter or 5
In some positions unstable

3. LANCOSC Lamp with Clamp, 4.4-inch lens

Best Magnifier Lamp For Sewing

lancosc black table magnifying lamp for sewing and needle-working

This fantastic lamp by Lancosc has 10 dimmable levels, 3 color modes, and 10 levels of brightness.
Perfect for sewing and crafting. Great price!

Many dimming and brightness options
Relatively short arm
Adjustable swing arm
Magnification can be too strong for some
Easy to install

4. Brightech LightView LTVEWFL, 5-inch long x 4-inches wide lens

Best Magnifier Lamp For Jewelry 

brightech white magnifying lamp for crafts

If you like doing arts and crafts, this is the perfect magnifying lamp for you.
Hands-free lamp, bright magnifying glass with light for the visually impaired.

Great to see small details
Non-replaceable light
Hands-free – amazing for hobbies and pro users
The base is heavy to move around
Incredible lens
In some positions the top swings

5. iMagnify 8x Magnifier, 5.5 Inch Lens

Best Magnifier Lamp For Knitting

iMagniphy white desk magnifying lamp for knitting

This magnifying lamp is perfect for every task.
It contains a 5.5-inch lens, making it easy to enjoy detailed work.

Contains 6 LED Light
Gooseneck doesn’t support the weight of the glass in some positions
The 5.5-inch lens makes detailed work easier
Inadequate light for serious work
Incredible lens
The neck is relatively short

6. Brightech 2 in 1 Clamp - FBA_LTV2IN1-BK, 3 inches wide lens

Best Magnifier Lamp For Casual Crafts

brightech black gooseneck magnifier lamp

This magnifying lamp by Britech is an excellent buy for those who enjoy reading and crafts as
it comes in 3 or 5 diopter. It has a 13.5-inch gooseneck that bends in all directions.

Adjustable goose-neck
Weak base
Bright light
Power cord too short
3 years warranty
Base tips over once the lens is stretched out and down low

7. Brightech LTVPCL-W-XL, 6” wide by 4.5” long lens

Best Magnifier Lamp For Book Reading And Other Focus Activities

brightech white magnifier lamp

This beautiful lamp comes with an XL Lens 6″ wide by 4.5″ long. In that way, you can see more at once,
for example, a whole page in a book. Perfect for readers. It is also a hands-free magnifying lamp,
which makes your knitting, sewing, and other tasks easier to perform.

XL Lens that helps you see more at once
The lens is distorted in some positions
High contrast, brightness, dimmable light with 100.000-hour life
The base doesn’t support the lamp is some positions
It can be used as a stand up or table lamp

8. SUPER DEAL PRO, 4.9'' diameter lens

Best Magnifier Lamp For Crossing, Stitching And Knitting

white desk table magnifying clamp lamp

Beautifully designed lamp with 5x Diopter magnification and the lens head rotates 360 degrees. It has great light and perfect for crossing, stitching, and knitting.

Very flexible lens and head
Not bright enough for serious tasks
Cool bulb for natural color
Harder to maneuver
Very good 5X Diopter magnification

5 Interesting Facts About Magnifying Lamps:

Fact #1

cartoon detective using a magnifier lamp

Magnifying glasses are usually best known for their appearance in cartoons and movies where detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes, use it.

Fact #2


You can get the best focus of a magnifying glass by placing the lens closer to the eyes.  Lens + eyes working together is the perfect combination.

Fact #3

glass and plastic lenses on a white background

Magnifiers can have glass or plastic lenses. Glass is heavier but long-lasting. In contrast, plastic is lighter but usually not good quality as it scratches easily.

Fact #4


Advanced magnifiers use a combination of different types of lenses. The image has a higher quality with this mix.

Fact #5

small strong mag lens holding with the fingers

The higher the magnification, the smaller the lens will be.

Quick Summary

  • Magnifying lamps are perfect for detailed tasks, such as sewing, knitting, reading, doing puzzles, painting miniatures, etc.

  • There are several magnifying lamps in the market. Usually, 3 and 5 diopters, choose the one that works the best for you depending on the task you want to perform.


  • When buying a magnifying lamp, consider the following factors:

– Lens

– Body of the lamp

– Head of the Lamp

– Functionality

– Prices and reviews


  • Things to consider when buying a magnifying lamp:

– Diopter

– Focal Length

– Hands-free lamp

– FOV – Field of View


  • Purchase a piece of good furniture for a better experience with your magnifying lamp.


  • Both eyes on the lens make the experience of using a magnifying lamp way better. Now that you are an expert in magnifying lamps, choose yours, buy it, and enjoy an awesome experience doing your crafts.

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