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Written By: Caroline Martins – 12/10/2020

bed with a table lamp from each side

In this article, we will cover and review the best minimalist bedside table lamps.

Our bedside lamp is the ideal companion for evening readings and the first ally we need to wake up on the right foot.

Find the right one for your needs or combine multiple products to create the ideal atmosphere in your bedroom.

If you want to know how to choose your minimalist bedside lamp, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s start!

Our Top Pick For The Best Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp

globular glass minimalist table lamp

Simple Table Lamp by George Kovacs

This lamp is a perfect representation of a minimalist style. Metal construction with a beautiful chrome finish makes it sturdy and elegant. It's globular shade is made of etched opal glass creating a soothing accent light for bedrooms or living rooms.

Comparison Table

Main features
Pixo Plus
Wireless charging technology & Dimmable light
Contour LED
Uniform light & USB charging port
Beautiful design with a soft accent light
Terri Round
Complete control of the light & sleek design
Frosted halogen lamping & wonderful design
Simple Table Lamp
Simple & sturdy design
Scandinavian style & a relaxing light
Great design & comes in a range of colors
Ziggi LED
Great for kids & impressive design

9 Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp Reviews

1. Pixo Plus Task Lamp - metal minimalist bedside lamp


  • Diameter: 5″
  • Length of the cord: 72″
  • Fixture Height: 16.5″
  • Fixture Depth: 6″


  • Lots of positions with no visible mechanism
  • Lovely light and simple dimmer switch
  • USB port 
  • Wireless charging base
  • Very adjustable


  • The lamp may be small for some people
  • Not sturdy enough

Pixo Plus Task Lamp is designed for movement, as its main feature is a rotating arm and head, which allow you to direct the ray of light where you want it to be.

The product was designed by Fernando Pardo and Pablo Pardo in 2011, and it won the Red Dot Award in 2012.

The material of the arm is aluminum, the base insert is made of steel, and the shade is made of polycarbonate.

Moreover, it comes with a USB port that will enable you to charge your devices, such as your phone, right on your bedside table. It showcases a modern and futuristic wireless charging base that will be compatible with most modern devices.

This minimalist lamp comes in multiple colors; Azure, Glow, Graphite, Orange, Silver, White, White with Brass, Black with Brass.

Furthermore, its advanced LED array eliminates multiple shadows.

It also features a standard Head Hi-Lo Dimmer, with a range from 10 to 100%. It includes a sensor head switch; it is ETL listed and has a 1-year long warranty.

2. Contour LED Table Lamp - wood minimalist bedside lamp


  • Cord: length 96″
  • Fixture: width 12″, height 17.5″, depth 6″


  • Great quality
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek and beautiful design


  • The lamp may be too big for some people
  • The light is soft; it’s more an ambient light

This lamp, also designed by Fernando Pardo and Pablo Pardo, was born out of an in-depth study of light and negative space. Which, in the end, resulted in a slim aluminum frame with a hidden LED source.

Pablo’s wonderful lamp includes a polycarbonate lens embedded at the top of the rectangular base, which shields the LED modules and spreads uniform light through the whole frame.

A natural wooden sheet covers the lamp’s interior and makes the lampstand out for its minimal beauty.

Furthermore, it can also be used to expose decorative objects.

It includes a full range dimmer in its base and a USB port for charging your favorite device.

The Contour LED Table Lamp comes with a hidden light source housed in the top of the structure, glare-free illumination, and an integrated USB charging port. 

The lamp comes in many finishes: White or Graphite with Walnut Veneer, White or Graphite with White Oak Veneer, White with Pearl Fabric, Graphite with Coal Fabric.

It also comes in two sizes: small and large.

3. Naxos Table Lamp - glass minimalist bedside lamp


The lamp comes in four different dimensions, but the ones suitable as a bedside lamp are the smaller ones, which measure as follows:

  • Mini Option Fixture: Height 10″, Diameter 6″
  • Small Option Fixture: Height 13″, Diameter 8″


  • Good Quality
  • Elegant
  • Easy to install


  • Delicate lamp
  • Quite pricey

This beautiful lamp, made of Murano glass, comes with a milky white finish and creates a stunning bedroom atmosphere.

The Vistosi Naxos Table Lamp has a stout and rounded base, with a tall shade, producing a gorgeous glow once lit.

It comes in four sizes, one looking better than the other.

However, the two smaller sizes are best when positioned on a nightstand. 

The lamp is produced by Vistosi, a company that creates hand-blown glass lighting devices. It specializes in new technologies and production methods, even though they have been active since the 1500s.

The lamp was designed in 1988 and has a Satin white finish, and it is Made in Italy.

4. Terri Round Accent Lamp - crystal minimalist bedside lamp


  • 10.25-Inch Option Fixture: height 10.25″, diameter 5″
  • 10.25-Inch Option Shade: height 5.5″, lower diameter 5″, upper diameter 3″
  • 12.5-Inch Option Fixture: height 12.5″, diameter 6″
  • 12.5-Inch Option Shade: height 6″, lower diameter 6″, upper diameter 4″


  • Beautiful design
  • It provides a great atmosphere
  • It comes in two different dimensions


  • Should not be placed under direct sunlight
  • Fragile

This fabulous lamp was designed by Thomas O’Brien and created by Visual Comfort.

The Terri Round Accent Lamp is composed of a crystal sphere as its base and a French wired socket housed by a tapered Natural Paper shade.

It evenly distributes a warm, ambient light, perfectly setting the bedroom’s mood because of its shade.

Its hi-Lo switch allows for complete control of the light; however, it should not be placed in direct sunlight.

Visual Comfort has collaborated with world-renowned artisans over the years, creating many very successful collections.

The Visual Comfort collection includes pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps, and outdoor lights, made of natural materials and unique finishes, which will be a statement in your ambiance.

5. IC T1 High Table Lamp - brass minimalist bedside lamp


  • Base: width 12.6″, depth 6.2″
  • Cord: length 98″
  • Fixture: height 20.8″, weight 3.6 lbs
  • Shade: diameter 7.87″


  • Minimalist and elegant design
  • Quality material
  • Many dimmer options
  • Provides good illumination (60 watts about 910 lumens)
  • Frosted halogen lamping


  • Pricey

This minimalist bedside table lamp is a real looker!

The IC T1 High Table Lamp by Flos creates a warm and inviting atmosphere thanks to its frosted halogen lamping.

It has a dimmer Range of 0 to 10V.

The fixture’s base is made of steel, which not only makes the lamp stable and sturdy, but it creates a visual contrast between the hardened steel and the blown glass opal.

It’s ideal for surfaces such as desks and bedside tables, the living room, the study, and the bedroom.

FLOS was born in 1962 in Merano, Italy, to produce high-quality modern lighting. This Italian lighting company continued working throughout the years, collaborated with talented international designers, and researched the best technologies and materials related to lamps.

This is why the FLOS lighting fixtures are unique and always one step ahead of the competition and great interior design pieces.

Michael Anastassiades designed the lamp in 2013. 

6. Simple Table Lamp - chrome minimalist bedside lamp


  • Fixture’s height: 11″
  • Fixture’s diameter: 9″


  • Minimalist design
  • Ease of installation
  • Great illumination
  • Frosted halogen lamping
  • Very affordable


  • May be small for some people

By George Kovacs, the Simple Table Lamp is the perfect representation of less is more, as proved by its chrome structure and a glass shade.

The lamp’s design is composed of a conical base, and the top presents a frosted finish that helps diffuse the light around the environment entirely. The simple silhouette creates an essential source of bright light that works perfectly for bedside tables.

George Kovacs (1926-2007) has a humorous and unique style to light with all his products.

This lamp will surely impress your guests and won’t tire you in the long run because of its practical and straightforward design.

Check out other products from George Kovacs lighting collection, including Alecia Wesner, Karim Rashid, and other modern designers.

7. Stone Table Lamp - ceramic minimalist bedside lamp


  • Diameter: 7.87″
  • Fixture Height: 7.48″


  • It creates a great atmosphere
  • Simple to use and very sturdy
  • Beautiful design


  • The lamp might be too small for some people
  • The light is not suitable for reading

If you wish your bedroom actually was a relaxation and meditation room, you have found something you’ll love.

The Stone Table Lamp by Menu will give an instant relaxing vibe to your room and create a perfect atmosphere for the night time, helping you sleep. 

Designed by Norm Architects, this cozy lamp is a minimalist treasure that will complete the mood of your bedroom.

The Colored Glass strikes against the raw, natural stone bottom. Once lit, this bedside lamp will suffuse light resembling a candle: we promise that you’ll find it very cozy and relaxing.  Pair with an Edison bulb for an even more comfortable ambiance.

The Stone Table Lamp is designed by Norm Architects, it is made of glass and porcelain, and it is made in China.

It has a slide dimmer and two finish options: Raw Sand Ceramic Base with Opal Glass and Stoneware Base with Grey Smoke-tinted Glass.

It requires a 43 Watt (750 Lumens) 120 Volt E26 Medium Base Halogen light-bulb which is not included.

8. Damo Table Lamp - copper minimalist bedside lamp


  • Base: height 11.8″, diameter 4.3″
  • Fixture: height 18.3″, diameter 13.3″
  • Shade: diameter 13.3″


  • Solid and well made 
  • Stylish with strong lines
  • Good illumination
  • Simple to use and very sturdy


  • Bulb not included
  • Pricey

This wonderful lamp is meant to embody the spirit of a wise old man who spent many years in isolation so that he could find the truth to Buddhism.

A strong-minded man never let anything affect his determination. 

The Damo Table Lamp embodies precisely this, with its attitude and vibe.

The shade can be adjusted depending on lighting, and thanks to the push button switch on the base, you will quickly turn it on and off.

Chap-Cheng is the designer of this lamp, an engineer who decided to change his field of action after graduation completely.

He noticed that design and patents’ values were not widespread in Taiwan and decided to create his own and bring them worldwide.

This is why he created Seed Design, which at the beginning only had six products. They had to go through ups and downs, but they have always been driven by passion and determination. 

9. Ziggi LED Table Lamp - children minimalist bedside lamp


  • Base: diameter 4.75″
  • Fixture: width 8.66″, height 16.53″


  • Impressive design
  • Easy to install
  • Good quality
  • Adequate illumination for kids and adults


  • Pricey
  • Not for heavy working under the light

This lamp is many things other than a simple light source. It is an illusion for our eyes, a great design piece, and a funny lamp that children will love.

The “shade” is not what it seems, as it is composed of a 2-dimensional plate of acrylic glass, and as soon as the warm LED light is on, the shade itself becomes a 3-dimensional design.

The result is entirely unique, original, and beautiful. The acrylic shade is completed by an angled Birch arm and metal base.

Studio Cheha is a small design company from Tel Aviv, Israel, founded by chief designer Nir Josef Chehanowski.

Studio Cheha started as a Kickstarter campaign and immediately became very popular thanks to their collection of laser-etched LED lamps.

Each design is a composition and tells a different story based on the acrylic glass diffusers’ etchings.

How To Correctly Choose a Bedside Table Lamp

Our light design in the bedroom cannot be complete if there is no particular lighting device on the bedside table in addition to the general light in the room.

The classic bedside lamp is essential for spreading light in the room without bumping into the furniture when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Of course, it is also possible to place a switch for general lighting next to the bed, but the presence of dim light on the bedside table avoids waking up those who sleep with us.

A lamp of this type usually has an atmospheric and undirected light, a connector, the switch on the cable, or the base.

If the lamp is used to read in bed, it must be equipped with an adjustable arm to be directed towards the book’s pages.

Lamp Height

showing the proper bedside table lamp height
Showing an example of the optimal height of a bedside lamp.

Assuming your nightstand is the same height as your mattress (or within a couple of inches), look for a lamp the same height as your nightstand plus an extra two or three inches.

So if your nightstand is 24 inches high, a lamp around 27 inches tall will look best. A total of about 54 inches. 

For the light power, as a rough guide, around 400 lumens (about 30 watts) would be suitable for a bed-sized table lamp.

Optimal Light Colors

Blue light (but cold light in general) harms sleep quality.

For this reason, next to the bed, it is better to exclude the choice of a blue light completely and instead prefer the warmer shades, from 2,700 to no more than 3,300 Kelvin.

a color temperature scale showing different kelvin scales
Example of different light color options.

Yellow light, the so-called warm light, has a more relaxing effect than the cold ones and is for this reason to be preferred in the bedroom.

Today almost all manufacturers are oriented towards giving a preference to LEDs. Of course, a bedside lamp is not a device destined to remain in operation for a long time.

However, it could happen to fall asleep, forgetting the light on, so an eye to energy saving is not a bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How do I choose a bedside table lamp?

Consider what you will mostly use your bedside table lamp for. This will help you decide which features it needs (dimmer, touch sensor, wireless charger). Check the right dimensions for your bedroom, and choose the right light intensity. Finally, find something that fits within the style of your bedroom.

- Do bedside table lamps have to match?

Playing with entirely different models while remaining within the same stylistic discourse allows you to give the environment a more dynamic and varied note and choose from a larger number of lamps. What must be consistent is not the shape of the material, but only the style.

- What is the best size for a bedside table lamp?

Your lamps should look large enough next to the bed and nightstands. Therefore if you have a tall headboard, the top of the lamp should almost reach the headboard’s top.

- How tall should bedside lamps be?

Medium lamps, up to 13 inches, are suitable for bedside tables.

- Should bedside tables be higher than the bed?

The rules of pleasing aesthetics require that the bedside tables are not too large compared to the bed. Above all, they are not higher than the bed (but this more than anything else for a practical matter).

The bedside tables’ measures vary from 13 inches to 26 inches in width and can be from 20 to 70 cm high. The depth is always around 15-17 inches, for a practical question linked to the bed’s functionality.

- Is it safe to leave a bedside lamp on all night?

While keeping a light on can help guide us on our nocturnal excursions around the house, it can have physiological repercussions. Sleeping with the light on, even if small, disturbs the natural production of melatonin.

- Where to buy bedside lamps?

You can find bedside lamps in most furniture shops and lighting shops. You can also find many online on websites like Amazon, or in specialized shops, like Lumens.

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