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Written by: Jovana Milosevich, updated on 04/20/2019
a black desk lamp on a working table

Are you an architect or a graphic designer? Do you like to read or draw?

Or, have you been thinking about purchasing a new lighting fixture to support your work or hobby lately?

Continue reading as we provide you with detailed guidelines on how to choose the best lamps for drawing.

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This lamp offers a sleek and durable aluminum design with a strong clamp. With high CRI, it provides light close to daylight. A wider head covers larger areas - an excellent light for drawing and has a lifespan of 50000 hours of work - that equals about 25 years worry-free of changing light bulbs.

Selecting the perfect light source for your desk or workspace is imperative to creating a positive and motivating working environment.

Choosing your desk lamp for drawing, design, and practicality should be key influences of your decision.

However, there are a few other key elements that you should consider if you want to choose a quality desk lamp.

Product Comparison:

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USB Port
Flos Kelvin EDGE
Adjustable Arm With Base
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Adjustable Arm With Base
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Key Element #1 - How to choose your perfect drawing lamp?

To make the right choice when purchasing your next desk lamp, you first need to understand the nature of light.

Light has a dual nature.

On the one hand, it’s a transverse electromagnetic wave that moves through a vacuum and is partly visible to the human eye. On the other hand, light behaves as a particle.

One of the main characteristics of light is its intensity.

Certain regulations need to be observed and followed to achieve enough light in your workspace. The unit used to describe light intensity is called Lux.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “Lux is a derived unit of illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area and is equal to one lumen per square meter.

There is a variety of standards applied around the world.

Nevertheless, it is advised to have a minimum of 500lx on your task area surface. “The rest of the room, excluding a 0.5-meter periphery, is the immediate surrounding area and is illuminated to at least 300 lux“, advises Licht.de website.

This online platform, which can provide you with all sorts of information when it comes to light, continues by saying that “task area lighting is recommended for rooms where diverse visual tasks are performed with different illuminance requirements.

Of course, there is a massive difference in whether you are using your PC to draw or are drawing everything manually. In the latter case, a total of 1000lx is the recommended value for your space.

Key Element #2 - Color temperatures of Light

Another important feature of light is its color.

a light color temperature chart
A example of a color temperature light chart

The unit in which the color of light or better said its temperature is measured is called Kelvin.

Modern lamps are designed to emit beams whose hue ranges from 2700 K to 4000 K.

The value of 2700 K is considered warm, 3000 K is deemed neutral, whereas 4000K is considered cold white light.

Daylight color has a value of 5000 K.

Warm light creates a feeling of coziness and a soothing atmosphere and could be a good choice for a home office.

On the other hand, a cold white color stimulates the brain to work more efficiently and stay awake. It is more suitable for spaces such as company offices or drawing rooms.

CRI is the next crucial attribute of light.

Color rendering index chart
Apple as an example of color rendering index

CRI stands for color rendering index and is the ability of a light source to reveal the object’s true color.

Have you ever been shopping and bought a clothing garment, whose color, when taken out on the daylight, turned utterly different from the one you have seen in the changing room?  That is thanks to the low CRI of the lamps installed in the retail facility.

CRI is especially vital in art restoration and neonatal care.

Only natural light has an index of 100. Industrial manufacturers are trying to produce artificial light sources that would come as close to that index as possible- the higher the index, the better the rendering capacity.

Serious manufacturers have come as close as CRI>95. Still, values of CRI>80 (CRI>90 in the case of museums and art galleries) are considered good enough. Typical LED lamps have an 80+ index value.

Under no circumstance should you purchase a luminaire with a CRI of less than 70!

Key Element #3 - Examples of Luminaires with different CRI

The user’s age plays an important role when it comes to choosing the right lamp.

As we get older, we tend to need more light, as our eyesight gets poorer. A 50-year-old has different lighting demands than a 25-year-old.

The older we get, the more sensitive our eyes are to glare.

Therefore, older users should get high-quality lamps with a light source they can control. Dimmable anti-glare luminaires are always a good choice.

Now, as we have covered the more technical and essential light features in general, let’s talk about a desk/drawing lamp’s utility.

A good desk lamp is vital in a modern working environment, whether it is a home office or a company office.

We sometimes spend more than 8 hours per day in front of our monitors. Occasionally, additional light sources are crucial to satisfactory performance.

According to some surveys, a well-lit workspace motivates an employee to perform well at work in most cases.

A good desk lamp can definitely help out.

After all, it is a practical, flexible, and portable light source with fixtures such as cords and plugs. These localized lighting units can provide the correct amount of light precisely where needed- you can direct the beam right on the surface you are working on.

It should always be placed above your head and away from your eyes. Also, it should be positioned in a way that no unnecessary shadows are created.

If you are planning on cutting down on energy consumption and your electricity bill, then LED lamps are the ones to go for. Compared to halogen lamps, LED lights use up to 5 times less energy. They are also physically cooler and safer to touch.

When it comes to style, it is all about your personal taste and preferences. Nowadays, you can find table lamps for drawing in various styles and finishes- modern, industrial, retro, and so on. Try to match it with the decor of the rest of your space.

A wisely chosen lamp can be a nice detail. Keep in mind that it should always have adjustable parts and enough height.

List Of The 8 Best Lamps For Drawing

We have prepared a list of 8 best lamps for drawing from Amazon just for you.

They will be presented through a series of short reviews. Products with different price ranges are included on this list so everyone can find a lamp for him or herself.

1. Flos Kelvin EDGE Base LED Chrome F3452057

Flos Kelvin EDGE Base LED Table Lamp

Let’s first talk about the most high-quality and the most expensive option on this list.

Flos is very well known in the world of architecture, interior, and light design. It is no surprise that their high-quality product, designed by Antonio Citterio & Toan Nguyen in 2009, are sold in the 3 digit numbers.

LED technology is implemented in this stunning lamp.

Special lenses are incorporated in a square-shaped head with an evenly diffused light coming from the diodes. An optical switch sensor is also placed on the head. It provides color temperatures adjustments from 2700 K — a warm white color — to a more neutral white hue at about 3200K.

It has an IP20 level of protection, which makes it perfect for clean and dry interiors.

This high-end, top-quality product is made of aluminum and is coated in white.

The arm is adjustable and gives the user flexibility to put the light source where it is most needed. This lamp comes with a 0.5 m cord and a base, making it a versatile and mobile part of your interior.

This lamp’s design is modern and minimal and can easily be incorporated in any kind of inner decor.

The dimmer, sensor, and possibility to adjust your light source’s color temperature are just some of the positive aspects of this LED luminaire.

High-quality product
Little bit expensive
LED technology, light modes
No USB port
Dimmable, sensor included
Adjustable and very flexible

2. Koncept Lady-7 Silver LED

a silver Koncept Lady-7 Silver LED Desk Lamp

This unique looking lamp is produced by an award-winning brand Koncept.

Designed by Kenneth and Edmund Ng, this lamp was given Japan Good Design Awards in 2014, IF Design Award in 2015, etc.

This “eye-candy” is supplied with LED technology and gives its user the option to change the light color from warm to cold, or better said, from 2700 K to 4000 K.

It has a 50,000 h lifespan. This luminaire has the color rendering index of Ra=83. On its webpage, the manufacturer affirms that: “The height is adjustable and the lamp body swivels and telescopes“, so you can find the perfect angle, according to your needs.

A presentation in the form of a video is available on their web page.

Dimmer is an integral part of this model. A useful tool, such as a USB port, is also integrated into Lady-7, so you can easily charge your phone while lighting your task area.

Design is one of the strongest features of this lamp. Clean and sleek, this model comes in three colors: metallic black, silver, and matte red. It is definitely a piece that will catch your attention and the attention of your guests.

High-quality designed piece
Adjustable color temperature
Good CRI, Ra=83
Flexible, adjustable

3. Koncept AR3100-W-BLU-DSK Z-Bar Mini LED

Koncept AR3100-W-BLU-DSK Z-Bar Mini LED

This one is another high-end desk lamp for drawing designed by Peter NG.

The manufacturer states that the light temperature is 3000 K, making for a nice neutral white color.

The CRI is about 85, and a LED type luminaire is incorporated into this lamp. This lamp has a potential 50,000 working hours – fairly standard for modern-day desk lamps.

The key features of this desk lamp are its aluminum body and adjustable fixtures. Thanks to its build quality, this desk lamp is light, transportable, and flexible. Its articulating arm allows the user to tilt, rotate and change the angle of the light source.

The manufacturer claims that the desk lamp is also resistant to corrosion.

Removal of the base and adding a clamp is possible, adding to this lamp’s versatility.

A built-in touch strip dimmer makes for another exciting and important feature of this desk lamp. Users may adjust light intensity through multiple dimming levels.

The Koncept AR3100 has a modern and sleek design. It is available in various colors, including blue, green, red, black, white, and silver.

As you would expect with a high-end product, the pros are numerous and have been detailed above. This lamp is pricey, though if budget isn’t an issue, then it’s an easy choice.

LED technology
One light mode
Good CRI, Ra>85
No USB port
Flexible, transportable

4. MODO CL-03 Full Size Silver Color Office Desk Lamp

a silver MODO CL-03 Full Size Silver Color Office architect Lamp

This model is otherwise known as Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp. Michele de Lucchi designed this lamp for Italian brand Artemide in 1989.

As it was designed before the discovery and wider implementation of LED. Therefore, this luminaire uses a 60w incandescent bulb that emits warm and cozy white color, perfect for smaller house offices.

It is sold with an on and off switch, making this lamp easy to use, but with no dimmer.

This lamp is a perfect treat for design lovers. A combination of two metals was used to create this “small piece of art”.

It is available in various colors, from dark blue to soft pink. The shade was made of aluminum, whereas the arm is partly covered in stainless steel and partly in aluminum.

Inside the head, a small reflector is implemented, and the head possesses the ability to tilt and rotate. The arm is flexible. It is sold with adjustable clamp, 360-degree adjustments, and can perfectly be fixed to any desk.

There is a possibility to purchase the same model with a base instead of the “paper-clip” type of handle.

Legendary design
No LED technology
High-quality materials
One light mode
Flexible, transportable

5. PHIVE LED Architect Clamp Light

PHIVE LED Architect Clamp Desk Light

PHIVE has created a modern-looking architect desk lamp that provides you with 4 different light modes:

  • Study/work: this mode is brightest and aims to help you stay focused for as long as possible
  • Reading: this mode provides users with a cool white light that minimizes eye
  • Relax: a “cozy” mode that offers warm light, perfect for driving stress away
  • Bedtime: this mode provides warmer lighting than that of Relax mode

This is a cool desk lamp for artists too.

In summary, this luminaire offers you what’s known as “dynamic white technology” in light design.

The life expectancy of this lamp is a standard 50,000 working hours.

One of its key features is its integrated panel, which reduces glare and flicker to protect users’ eyes. This is particularly useful to older users.

This desk lamp has a good CRI with Ra>85. An additional feature of this model is its incorporated dimmer, allowing users to choose the light intensity.

This luminaire comes with a table clamp, but a base can be purchased separately. The adjustable metal arm, rotatable body, and 180° swivel lamp head provide enough flexibility so that you can light your workspace correctly.

It is offered in black, and its modern and clean design makes it easy to incorporate it in your inner space.

This lamp’s main advantage is its versatility, as it provides you with 4 different modes for a reasonable price.

The only outstanding con of this desk lamp, given its price, is that is doesn’t come with a base. Users have to purchase this separately to use the lamp on varying surfaces.

4 Light modes
Comes with clamp only
Good CRI, Ra>85
No USB port

6. Amico 12W LED Architect Desk Lamp

Amico 12W LED Architect Lamp Adjustable

As the name of this product says, this lamp is aimed directly at architects and designers. It is developed by a company called Amico lighting.

The LED technology is implemented in this lamp, making it a good energy saver. The manufacturer has provided 8 different light modes and different purposes from the bed lamp to the office lamp– the color temperature ranges from 2700 K to 4000K.

The dimmer is an integral part of this luminaire, and the light intensity can be gradually dimmed.

Anti-glare and anti-flickering are vital features of this product, making the lamp a good choice for older users and users with sensitive eyes.

The modern and sleek design is the main characteristic of this product.

It is made of aluminum and comes in different colors. Both the head and arm are adjustable and flexible. Rotation and tilting under different degrees are possible.

This lamp does not come with a base, but with a clamp, which allows it to be directly fixed on a desk surface.

This inexpensive lamp’s main pros are its LED technology, 8 different regimes, versatility, and dimming options. Thanks to its modern design, it can easily become an integral part of any interior space.

8 Light modes
Comes with clamp only
No USB port
Anti-glare, anti-flicker
Flexible, transportable

7. TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED

TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED

TaoTronics Desk Lamp is yet another Amazon’s Choice, and its a decent table lamp for drawing.

An integrated LED module is said to reduce up to 75% of your electricity bill.

Dimmer is an integral part of this model. Light intensity is easily controlled by a slider located at the lamp base. The light source is flicker-free and is, as we said before, particularly suitable for older users and users with sensitive eyes.

When it comes to light color, five modes can be distinguished. Therefore this lamp could be used on numerous occasions– from work to reading and even as a bed lamp.

A combination of plastics and metal is used to construct the body of the lamp. Joints are connecting the body to the other elements of the lamp, making them adjustable and flexible. The head can be rotated up to 90 degrees left and right or 135 degrees up and down to adequately light the task area.

On Amazon, this lamp is available in white color, which suits its modern design perfectly. With clean and minimalistic lines, it can fit in any interior style perfectly.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp offers a lot to the user for a low price. It is a flicker-free, energy-saving model with 5 different utility modes.

LED technology
One light mode
Good CRI, Ra>85
No USB port
Flexible, transportable

8. Globe Electric 56963 32" Multi-Joint Metal Clamp

a black adjustable arm desk lamp

Globe is a brand behind a model of a desk lamp that has been awarded the title of “Amazon Choice”.

This lamp uses halogen technology as its light source, which tends to use 5 times more energy than LED luminaires do. Users may buy a 60W Edison bulb separately when purchasing this lamp.

This model is best suited to smaller home offices or smaller workspaces, particularly as the light source emits a warm light color.

This multi-joint clamp black desk lamp is made of metal. A flexible swing arm allows users to illuminate their workspace correctly. It is available in black and comes with a 6-foot cord.

This luminaire does not possess an integrated dimmer. Instead, it has just a simple on-off switch on the top of the lamp, which is expected given its price.

The most fantastic pro of this lamp is obviously its price.

However, its major drawbacks are its high energy consumption, lack of dimmer, and warm white light emittance.

If you’re looking to save money, then this is the way to go. If you’re looking for a quality desk lamp, then look further.

Flexible, adjustable
No LED technology
No dimmer switch
No base, comes only with a clamp

Quick Summary

  • LED technology uses up to 5x less energy than traditional halogen lamps and is, therefore, something to consider when choosing a new drawing lamp

  • Knowing how to choose the right light for drawing is paramount! Failing to do so can cause eye problems

  • The majority of countries have norms and regulations about the light intensity at the task area. In the case of drawing (PC), a minimum of 500lx is recommendable at your task area

  • CRI is a color rendering index, – the higher the index, the better the rendering capacity and more realistic will colors appear

  • The color temperature of light can vary from 2700 K, which is warm white light, up 4000 K (sometimes even 6000 K). Choose the color of your light source according to its purpose- warm whites for the smaller house offices and 4000 K for drawing rooms and shared spaces

  • Pair the design of your lamp to your interior décor

  • There are good-quality lamps available at all prices

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