Before I talk a little about myself first I want to mention the writers that wouldn’t be possible to manage looneylumens website. 

They are all experts in their field and because of their passion and support looneylumens has become a voice in the lamp niche.

I use this chance to give them a big THANK YOU! 

Caroline Martins

Picture of Carolina Martins

Interior Designer & Space Planner with over 100 successful projects in Europe, U.S, and Asia. Caroline’s specialty is sustainable and high-end interiors: an elegant and greener way to look at design, using recycled materials and in full respect of the environment. With a BA in Interior Design and Livability in Future Cities and with 6 years of experience in the field her mantra is to be your guide in order to transform your mental image in reality. Click here for the LinkedIn profile.

Jovana Milosevic

picture of Jovana Milosevic

Graduated architect and interior designer. She is currently working as a light designer. She is interested in photography, new technologies and travel. She brings positive energy to add new and fresh ideas to solve problems. Jovana occasionally writes texts about architecture and interior design. Click here for the LinkendIn profile.

Ting Ji

picure of the author Ting Ji

Ting is an independent lighting designer living and working in London. She has successfully delivered various master-plan, landscape and interior projects all over the world. Also worked on a diverse range of projects in urban, heritage, multi-use, workspace, retail, hospitality and daylight.With 8 years experience working with light, she wants to create best lighting experience for the users. LinkedIn profile.

Megan O’Neill

Picture of the author Megan O'Neill

Megan is a professional writer who likes to shine her light wherever she goes. She is interested in solar energy as well as artistic lighting. LinkedIn profile.

Ashley Ross

The picture of the author Ashley Ross

Ashley Ross is a blogger, author, and interior designer based in Atlanta, GA. Her design work includes Stay Alfred boutique hotels and Wayfair, and she has had her writing featured by OneCoast Home & Gift, Kontrol Magazine, and more. She also runs her own interior design site WandererTheBlog.

Who Am I ?

Hello. My name is Toni.

I’m just a normal guy who spends an enormous time in front of the monitor doing lots of things.

Right now I’m changing my carrier path by learning new and interesting things to do, just like marketing and related topics. Dreaming the day working in my own pace and having enough money to travel the world and to experience new and exiting things so I could have good stories to tell.

Sounds good doesn’t it ? Fingers crossed! 

I graduated high school but didn’t go to college even thou my father very much wanted to.

The reason I didn’t go is that I changed along the way. Didn’t see myself as a construction technician although, in the beginning I was interested by it.

Always wanted to build my very own bridge, but in the end that bridge has collapsed.

After that, I worked in various job positions, a construction worker, a computer repair man, apprentice in cleaning, installing and repairing air conditioners and in sales industry.

Had my very own startup project, even build the prototype but me and my team didn’t have the necessary experience to tackle the challenges and we didn’t have, of course you guessed it, the money to go on.

Also there where health issues on my part that prevented me to fully concentrate on my project.

But hey, what can you do. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

You learn and you move on and so here I am.

Why Do I Talk About Lamps ?

The real question should be why shouldn’t I talk about lamps.

But you may think lamps are not that interesting so why would you waste your time, right?

Well you are wrong.

Lamps play an important role in our eye health and they act as a balance between different lights that are produced from screens and monitors.

We will see how but first some good-old numbers and facts taken by TIME Health and the American Optometric Association (AOA);

So are screens and monitors the main cause of eye strains and other related issues?

Yes and no.

Yes because we spend too much time and too much close to them. And no because our eyes change as we age for reasons that have nothing to do with how we use them.

But its quite true that screens and monitors can do more damage and accelerate eye issues already at hand.

OK, so how we can minimize the risk of eye damage?

After doing some research and experimenting I have come up with 5 different strategies, which I use them everyday, that can help you with your eye problems:

5 Personal Tips To Reduce Eye Strains

Tip Number 1: Brightness

Adjust the brightness of the screen for a particular tasks, like if you are reading or just browsing the web – lower the brightness ESPECIALLY at night.

Extra tip!

Try using f.lux software on your PC do reduce the blue light that can keep you up at night.

I’ve been using it for almost a year now and my eyes doesn’t stray that much as it used to. It can automatically change the color of your computer display so you don’t need to worry about changing the brightness all the time.

Super handy!

To download the program click here.

Also you can download it to your smart-phone.

Tip Number 2: Distance

Keep a distance from the screen.

How much?

Give your screen a friendly high five or in other words, the same length of your arm must be the same distance from you and your screen.

Tip Number 3: The 20-20-20 Rule

Practice the 20-20-20 rule: for every 20 minutes staring at your screen, give your eyes a 20 second pause and look 20 feet away or you can simply close your eyes.

This will relax the focusing muscles so you wont experience eye contraction which can lead to eye strains and dry eyes.

Tip Number 4: Use Artificial Tear Drops

If you are prone to experience dry eyes like I do, you know that feeling when you feel the need to rub your eyes after some time.

And the feeling your eyes get as if wind is blowing towards them squinting your eyes – then use artificial tear drops.

They really help moisturize the eye lids and release tension of the eyeball. I use them in the morning after I wake up and its enough to keep me going all day.

This is a good practice even if you don’t have dry eyes because symptoms of dry eyes can have multiple causes, just like dry or dirty air and other similar circumstances.

Tip Number 5: Use A Good Lamp

As we mentioned earlier that lamps act as a balance for different lights produced by our screens and monitors which saves you also from eye strains because of different illuminations which our eyes have to adjust.

You need to work on other things as well, not only gazing on your screen, just like writing or readying a book and similar activities so a nice adjustable bright light from a good lamp can really help your eyes and ease many eye problems.

Lamps are truly our side kick partners and its very important to know them if you spend long hours at you desk working just like I do.

And that is the reason why I talk about lamps.

My Goals And The Reason Why I Created LooneyLumens

My goals are things that are very important to me and that is friendship, health, growing in experience, helping people and to make something in my life.

To discover a deeper meaning of this crazy world of ours.

Life isn’t just living and paying your taxes. That is a horrible way to live. But you got to start somewhere, right ?

My Old Lamp

I hated my old and rigid lamp.

It was a metallic adjustable swing arm desk lamp with an incandescent light bulb.

It didn’t had a base but it had one of those C-clamp mounts.

Of course, it served me well throughout the years, even back when I was in high school and it was in 2004!

But as my needs have changed, so did the lamp had to change. 

I could had it replaced with an LED light bulb but frankly, I didn’t like the overall design of the lamp. I wanted a completely new one.

It didn’t had no lighting mode options, no illumination controls and it was getting even worse. The stupid lamp was starting to fall when I was working!

The C-clamp sometimes wasn’t strong enough to hold on to the table no matter how hard I tried to screw it in place. I even installed a wire to support it so it wont fall off and land on my head. It was frustrating…

my old silver adjustable arm desk lamp

Someday, I got curious and went on-line to search for other lamps and maybe even to buy one and then the WOW moment happened.

I couldn’t believe it!

So many different kinds of desk lamps and so many options to go with it.

I was feeling like living in a rock.

Didn’t even imagine what was going on out there in the lamp market.

And then I was feeling a bit confused… With so many options I didn’t know how to choose one.

Of course, I had several products in my mind but they were all different. Different sizes, different shapes, light options…

And whats that – color temperature, full-spectrum fluorescent lamps,  kelvin(K), CRI, CCT ???

My head was spinning. 

Does this always happened when someone is shopping for a lamp I was wondering.

After I have done my own research I finally concluded what to look for when buying.

And I got to say that you really need to know few things before you go shopping.

I bought myself the lamp I needed – it has lighting modes like studying, reading and relaxing, brightness-level control and a USB port for charging my smart-phone.

Even has a display with time measurements – clock, date and even indoor temperature.

Didn’t really need one but its a nice touch, don’t you think ?

So thats why I created this site. Not just because I bought myself a new modern one. But because I know that there are surely many people, including YOU who reads this, that are still confused, and don’t know how to correctly choose a proper desk lamp for their specific needs. Just like I didn’t know and was struggling for awhile. And I hope that this site will help them and you to pick the best one for your needs.

Happy Shopping